101 Things

Here’s my list of 101 goals to complete in 1001 days! I originally saw this idea over here. And in this post, “The Secret to Success,” I explain why I thought it was a great idea, and I explain why is important to me, and how it does actually relate to a blog that’s almost exculsively about weight loss. Currently (05/05/09) the list is not complete (incidentally, one of the goals is to complete the list.) I decided not to wait until it was complete to post it and start implementing it. And what actually prompted me to post this now was this post over at “Get Rich Slowly” about the problem of waiting to act until the conditions are perfect. I do expect to complete this list within the next few weeks. I haven’t really refined this list as far as these things making sense to everyone – some of things make sense to me, but might require a little explanation. By the way, although 1001 days seems like a long time (2.75 years), in order to accomplish this, I need to do one thing an average of every ten days – doesn’t seem so long then, does it?

  1. Plant an herb (inside or out)
  2. Plant a flower
  3. Go to a new place by yourself
  4. Reach goal weight
  5. Eat only rice, beans, and eggs for a week (and donate the money saved to a good cause)
  6. Go at least 4 weeks without the scale while still focusing on healthy eating and exercise
  7. Submit at least 10 pictures to Foodgawker or have a picture accepted (whichever comes first)
  8. Organize pictures
  9. Sew something (probably curtains for the living room)
  10. Completely pay off student loans
  11. Hang your mirror
  12. Try cooking freezer meals
  13. Send one greeting card each day for a month
  14. Take a day or two to just go off with just yourself or one or two other people to just relax and think
  15. Back-up all pictures and important files on computer and create a plan for doing so regularly
  16. Finish filling the picture frame that is hanging at the top of the stairs (it holds 6 photographs, and 3 spots are empty)
  17. Run 3.1 miles continuously
  18. Buy flowers for someone unexpectedly
  19. Read a book about digital photography
  20. Take at least one picture daily for a month
  21. Take a spinning class
  22. Create a list of housekeeping projects to tackle (deep cleaning things like taking everything off the shelves and dusting, etc, so you can cycle through and make sure everything gets done – the list will likely take months and that’s fine)
  23. Sell rubber stamps that you don’t love or use
  24. Spend an entire day stamping
  25. Take a day of work for no reason
  26. Don’t use the snooze for a week (while on vacation doesn’t count!)
  27. Re organize my home files to make them more accessible and cheerful
  28. Go 2 weeks without any sweets
  29. Make a birthday/anniversary list of friends and family so I can send cards
  30. Organize recipes and find a good way to share them on-line
  31. Go to yard sales here in Pittsburgh and buy at least one thing
  32. Go a week without any soft drinks, Crystal Light, powerade, etc. – nothing but water
  33. Try new, healthy recipe ideas
  34. Try the “Super Suppers” place – where you make your meal for the freezer
  35. Floss for 22 days in a row (they say it takes 21 days to make a habit)
  36. Get rid of a cookbook by trying all the recipes from it that I want to try
  37. Do a video post
  38. Learn more about blogging (Sorry, I couldn’t think of a way to make this more specific)
  39. Take a cooking class
  40. Get all passwords organized
  41. Organize music files on the computer
  42. Memorize Psalm 119
  43. Reorganize paper files in a fun way
  44. Buy a favorite quote in one of those wall rub-on things to put above your desk
  45. Finish labeling all your rubber stamps
  46. Reorganize rubber stamps (after labeling)
  47. Dust – I’m horrible at that household task – dirt doesn’t bother me nearly so much as clutter
  48. Call an old friend that I haven’t talked to in a long time
  49. Read a novel
  50. Go to the local library (This will require finding it first)
  51. Read a non-fiction book
  52. Make a green smoothie
  53. Finish this list
  54. Floss daily for a month
  55. After finishing the student loan, decorate the living room (and actually make it look like a living room) – unless I were to buy a house, in which case I definitely would not have the money to redecorate
  56. Visit L. in Washington
  57. Track more detailed breakout of grocery spending for at least a month (i.e. separate toiletries, household goods, and food)
  58. Read each book of the Bible in one or two sittings
  59. Use the timer for internet time for a least a week
  60. Write a post about what you believe it takes to succeed
  61. After reaching goal, look back on that post and see if your opinion changed
  62. Send a certain someone a certain gift (I can’t say specifically until I do it in case said person reads this)
  63. Fully fund the emergency fund (3-6 months expenses)
  64. Stay within grocery budget for the month
  65. Exercise for six consecutive days for at minimum of 30 minutes each time (05/09/09)
  1. #1 by MamaBearJune on May 29, 2009 - 2:06 am

    Okay, memorize Psalm 119. THAT would definitely be an amazing accomplishment. 😉

  2. #2 by tara on August 24, 2010 - 12:57 am

    This is a cool idea. I might do something like this. I’m big on lists, you know. 🙂 Too bad I don’t get half the things accomplished that I put on my lists!

  1. The Secret to Success « Journey to Goal

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