Day 3

Sorry for the lack of creative titles. As usual, i don’t have too long. Things went okay today, although I was a little dissappointed that I didn’t get to exercise at all. There was no possible way to fit it into the day. I had to stop by the grocery on the way home from work to pick up ingredients for tonights meal–where I had six ppl over for dinner. It was almost 6 by the time I got home, and I had to take a couple minutes to straighten the house to a somewhat presentable state (after having been in a mad dash and throwing things everywhere the past few days, partly because I was squeezing in workouts that I barely had time for). By then it was almost time to cook dinner and guests were arriving. Also, what I cooked certainly wasn’t the world’s healthiest (very lightly pan-fried parmesan chicken with pasta and marinara sauce and cheese along with cheddar biscuits). Okay, definitely not the healthiest. Also, I wasn’t able to accurately gauge nutrition info, so it’s more like a guess. This is the point in most weight-loss efforts that I really struggle with — when I’m in a situation where I don’t know the calorie count of what I’ve eaten. It really frustrates me and makes me feel like things aren’t working. Anyway, I ate a reasonable portion, gave ALL the leftovers away, and I”m gonna move on tomorrow. I’m also proud of myself for making peanut butter pie for dessert. (I don’t like peanut butter, so it wasn’t the least bit tempting for me to eat–saved quite a few calories that way). Wasn’t happy with my lunch decision. In an effort to save calories for dinner, I basically skipped lunch and instead snacked. I ended up losing some self-control and consuming more calories than if I’d just gone ahead and eaten the 300 calorie Lunchable for lunch. Anyway, the menu (again dinner is a rough estimate):

  • Breakfast: 3 eggs, scrambled (340)
  • About 6 Lifesavers (90)
  • 2 Kashi Apple Bars (220)
  • 3 100 calorie packs (300)
  • 3 Nips candy pieces (90) (they’re all gone now–I won’t be buying any more to replace them!)
  • Chicken Parmesan meal (672)
  • 2 Cheddar Garlic Biscuits (320)
  • Total Calories: 1932
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