Today was an interesting Saturday. I slept in until 9, then needed to bake and decorate a cake for the boyfriends surprise Birthday party. I had planned to bake the cake Thursday night and just decorate it this morning, but I got home so late Thursday (after working out, of course) that I decided I would have time to bake, cool, and decorate it this morning, which normally would be true. Well, I baked the cake, and managed to only have 2 bites of the batter! So it’s going pretty well. I invert the cake to the cooling rack, and, boy, was it an unsalvageable MESS!!!

Stuck to the pan so badly. Well, I immediately start snacking on it. Because, after all, broken crumbled up calories don’t count, right? Honestly I have no idea how much I ate since the cake was it that form. Was it the equivalent of one piece or four? Anyway, after realizing I snacked a little to much I immediately threw it all in the trash so I couldn’t eat it. Since I was out of eggs and couldn’t immediately bake another one. I ended up having to buy the cake from the store, because there wasn’t enough time to bake and cool and ice one myself.

The birthday party was kind of a pitch-in type cookout, so it’s so very hard to know the calorie counts of what I ate. I just guessed. It does frustrate me not to know the nutritional info of what I’m eating, but that is a way of life, and I have to learn to deal with it. I think I did well because I went to the Y and had a pretty good workout. The time just flew by, and I can already tell my fitness level is improving. And when I got home I ate healthy dinner. I didn’t let the lunch mystery derail me.

Food Calories
100 Calorie Pack 100
M&M’s (1/2 serving) 120
A few bites of cake after it crumbled (wild estimate here) 405
Lunch at Birthday party cookout (rough estimate) 778
Omelet made w/ 2 eggs and Mozzarella cheese 208
Total Calories Eaten 1611
52 mins at the Y on treadmill and elliptical -520
Net Calories 1091


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