Super Savings Saturday

For once, I really lucked out on a CVS deal! First of all, there is another bag of Chex Mix and another bag of Lifesavers that aren’t pictured here. Since I live by myself, I find myself going overbudget trying to get good deals that I really don’t need. I spend money on things I wouldn’t buy anyway just because they are a “good deal.” I am really working on only spending on money on things I really, really want or would need to purchase anyway. So I have no ECBs built up.

So I got 4 bags of Chex mix and 2 bags of Lifesavers for $0.01 (one cent) out of pocket. (No ECBs coming back, though.) But not spending anything was good. The Chex Mix was on sale for $1 and I printed two dollar off coupons from the internet. The Lifesavers were B1G1 and I had B1G1 coupon which made both bags cost nothing. The good news is that when I bought the two bags of Chex Mix, everything was free even without my coupons! So I got to go back to CVS and still use the two coupons to get two more bags of Chex Mix!

CVS $.01 deal

CVS $.01 deal


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