No exercise. Ended the day at 2186 calories. That was a combination of several litle mistakes – a few extra calories for lunch, dinner at a friend’s house, a few nibbles here and there, and the major mistake – hershey pumpkin flavored kisses!!! No exercise – none was planned, b/c I was not at home very long. A little discouraged to have two not-so-good days in a row. Also wish I could have worked out. And I am just really, really wanting chocolate!!! I mean, really, for no reason whatsoever. I have (or should I say had) no chocolate in the house, and I just out the blue start wishing that I could eat some. What is wrong with me!? It’s like I have a disease or something that I just can’t stop thinking about that stupid chocolate…the number one culprit in my weight problem. For all the problems chocolate has caused me, I really should absolutely hate it. Anyway, will focus on doing better tomorrow. Also, the other discouragement is that the scale was up THREE pounds (yes I said UP) this morning for NO apparent reason. sodium yesterday was the same as usual. So frustrating…I’m back up to my starting weight. I do believe it’s a bit of a fluke and it will be down again by tomorrow morning. It’s just that you can’t be really sure you’ve lost anything real until you’ve lost at least 6 or so pounds (especially when you weigh so much).


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