A Good Monday

Everything went pretty well food and exercise wise. I did not let my bady weigh-in discourage me. I think the menu pretty much speaks for itself:

Food Calories
My own “Egg & Cheese McMuffin” 304
4 Lifesavers and one bite size Milky Way 98
Turkey and Chicken Lunchable (cracker stacker Deluxe Oscar Meyer) 360
Aldi fudge popsicle 110
One salmon filet, sauted with a few spices 132
1/2 package of Birdseye Steamfresh Southwestern corn 184
1 glass of Powerade 72
1 miniature Mounds bar 80
Total Calories Eaten 1340
77 mins at the Y on treadmill and elliptical -718
Net Calories 621

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