Week 2 Results – Dissappointing

Well, I weighed in this morning – not so good. I was down .2 (yes that’s a point before the “2”, so essentially nothing) pounds this morning (from last week). A little discouraging, to the say the least. It’s so frustrating to work hard for so little results. However, I’m figuring it could possibly some sort of weird scale thing or my body taking a while to catch up or something like that. So I will give this plan another couple weeks to see what my overall for four weeks are. If that’s not good, we’ll have to try more drastic measures. Anyway, here’s some stats for the week: (I found out my CalorieKing program lets me export data to a tab delimited file — meaning I can open the data in Excel, so I can do all kinds of fun analysis with it. However the format is a little less than ideal, so it will take a while to play around with it. I think I will that be one of my weight loss “rewards.” These are the stats I can easily see right in the program):

  • Total number of workouts: 4
  • Total workout time: 4 hours 20 mins
  • Total calories burned through exercise: 2,331
  • Average calories eaten (for the past week): 1789
  • Average calories burned through exercise: 333
  • Net energy: 1457 (57 calories above my goal of 1400)

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