10/11/08 – The scale is moving!!

So today went well. I got up around 7:30 and then was up for about 20-30 minutes before going to the Y. It was helpful to be up for just a few minutes before working out. I did the elliptical for about half an hour, then I moved on to the treadmill and did my last day of week one of the C25K. It went fine. I’m glad to have one week done, and I’m not too worried about moving on to next week. I like having a plan to follow and I’m really hoping that this will help me ease into running without burning out. I’m also finding that my brisk recovery walks are faster each time (and I’m not really pushing myself to go too fast on those). Today I felt very comfortable at 3.5 mph. I’m also finding that it’s hard to find a good running speed. I’m not at all trying to push myself to go faster – I just want to get to where I can run first. However, I find that my legs and heart are battling each other. It’s very hard for my legs to go slow – it just feels awkward and it’s like my leg muscles really struggle. However, when I go faster, my legs feel better, but I get a lot more winded. I’m hoping that gets better. Also, I think I’m at least 30-40 pounds heavier than anytime that I’ve run in the past. That really makes it a lot harder, I think. Anyway, my running pace is about 5.2 – 5.5 mph.

I also went door knocking today for five and a half hours (w/ one fifteen minute break and two five minute breaks), so I did a LOT of walking. Who knows how much, but my legs are sore and I can’t seem to drink enough water. Anyway, I don’t count that in my exercise, mainly because I don’t think I actually burn that many extra calories and it’s hard to know how far I walked. And the thing is I’m also going up and down a lot of hills and a lot of steps to get to ppl’s doors.

After the door knocking we went back to Matt & Katie’s house for dinner, since they still had a lot leftover from last night. Again, I just ate a moderate portion of things, and, thankfully, there was no dessert.

If you’re still reading, I’m ready to address my title. My weight really is starting to drop now! Sometimes I think I just need to be patient, and it’ll happen. I’ve dropped 2.4 pounds in the past two days, and 5.2 pounds from 13 days ago when I recommitted to weight loss after falling off the wagon. So I think this approach may be working pretty well, actually. A couple more weeks will really help to gauge how well it’s working. I do have this problem that when I see that I’ve lost weight, I automatically think, “Oh that can’t be too real–don’t get your hopes up that it will stay off–it might jump right back up tomorrow.” It’s like I’m afraid to believe it. That’s said because I’m so dehydrated today, I am afraid the my weight will be up significantly tomorrow. However, I will not worry about it, because I know what caused it. Anyway

Here’s the menu for the day:

  • B: glass of Powerade, one lite applesauce (125)
  • L: “Pizza” made with chopped Red and Green peppers, marinara sauce, and cheese of Flatout bread (256)
  • Snack: 5 (yes FIVE) servings of Gatorade (250) and some grapes (78)
  • Dinner (at friend’s house): slice of cornbread, white bean soup, a few Wheat Thins, a few grapes (636)
  • Total calories eaten: 1346
  • Calories burned through 69 mins of exercise: -620
  • Net cals: 725
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