Week Two (so to speek) Stats & Summary

Alright, so I’m calling the past week, “week two.” Although I started losing weight six weeks ago, I “fell off the wagon” and got back on two weeks ago. So that’s when I really started cracking down. The scale was actually up 2 lbs from yesterday. I won’t even bother with theorizing why, although I do have some ideas. Suffice it to say, it was. So here are a few stats for ya (with some of my commentary):

  • Loss for this week: 1.8 lbs
  • Loss for the past two weeks: 3.8 lbs (ironically, pretty close to what the calorie deficit would predict)
  • Total loss for past six weeks: 7 lbs (painfully slow, I know, but cracking down these past two weeks has really helped a lot. I just needed to get serious)
  • Average calories eaten this past week: 1324
  • Average net calories this past week: 1082
  • Total cals burned through exercise the past two weeks: 3661 (that’s OVER A POUND of fat – 3500 cal in a pound – exercise is important)
  • Total mins exercised the past two weeks: 398 mins or 6 hours, 38 mins


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