BBQ Sauce Disaster!

As usual, I don’t have much time. I stuck to only three pieces of chocolate today. But I did squeeze in a 45 minute workout in spite of having pretty much no time. I was going to the airport to pick up a friend, and I had to go straight from the Y in my workout clothes. I did day 2 of c25k week two. Oh, and this just isn’t my week at all. Monday there was the omelette disaster. Last night I had one of those ice packs with the blue substance tear and leak like everywhere. Tonight I had a major bbq sauce disaster. It went all over the kitchen – even inside a cabinet that was cracked open slightly! Do I get to count all the extra calories I expended trying to clean it up? Tomorrow I’m going w/ friends to Primanti Brothers for dinner – famous for it’s burgers topped with cheese fries. Now that can’t be good! I hope I can find SOMETHING on the menu that is healthy. I’ve never been there before. The menu:

  • Cheddar omelette (261)
  • 3 dark choc pomegranate truffles (160)
  • Chicken/Turkey Deluxe Lunchable (360)
  • My own bbq chicken pizza: flatout bread, chicken, bbq sauce, cheddar cheese (389)
  • Total calories: 1170
  • Calories burned through exercise: -384
  • Net: 786 calories

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