Week 3 Summary

So explain this one: I’ve lost 8 pounds but gained inches!?? How is that even possible!? I had measured myself about 3 weeks ago, and decided to do so again yesterday. Maybe that was a bad idea. I’d lost half an inch in my hips, and gained a half an inch in my waist. I’m guessing that when there’s not a big change, it’s just hard to measure that accurately. I’ll declare my size to be exactly the same as it was 8 pounds ago. Hopefully, though, the next 8 lbs will show an loss in inches. I can’t wait to fit into some of the smaller clothes in my closet. Lost 1 pound this week. I do feel like next week I will lose a lot more, because I really should have lost at least 2 lbs of fat this past week. Here’s the stats:

  • Lost 1.0 pound
  • Lost 0.0 inches
  • Average calories eaten daily: 1287
  • Average cals burned through exercise: -261
  • Average net calories: 1026 (yeah, I definitely lost more than two pounds of fat – just have to be patient and wait for it show up. I mean, that’s a serious caloric deficit.)
  • Total minutes of exercise: 199 minutes or 3 hours 19 mins

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  1. #1 by followmyweigh on October 21, 2008 - 1:34 am

    hm that is a hard one to explain~ it is hard to measure accurately. i try to use “marks” to get the most accurate measurement – like always measuring right underneath a mole or something lol.

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