Splendid Saturday!

So, today was actually a fantastic weight loss day. So I get up this morning and head straight for the scale as usual, still a little groggy. I look down at the numbers, and my heart skips a beat and here’s what goes through my head: sinking feeling, something is wrong – this number isn’t right – what a disaster – what does that number mean? – oh, wait, that’s actually good – wow, that’s three pounds less than yesterday – oh my, i’ve actually lost a lot of weight. Anyway, I got on the scale again to make sure it was right, and sure enough, it was.  I just totally wasn’t expecting the scale to drop that much. While I obviously didn’t lose three pounds of fat overnight or anything, I think I really have lost that much fat and it was taking my body a while to catch up. What I’m saying is that I don’t think the weight will go up again. I only lost one pound last week, when calorically I should have lost closer to 3.

Anyway, after the fun weigh-in, I went to the Y for a workout. I was a little worried because morning workouts don’t usually go so well for me. However, I have started doing things around the house for at least 30 minutes before I go to workout instead of hopping on the treadmill 10 minutes after I wake up. This does help some. It was the most calorie blasting workout I’ve had since I started losing the weight. And I really didn’t feel like I was killing myself. I used a different kind of elliptical which got the heart rate up pretty quickly and it stayed high. Then I did a fourth day of c25k week 3. Went fine. So I ended up working out for only 45 minutes, but I burned nearly 450 calories (according to heart rate monitor). Yipee! I wish I could do that more often.

Then I went shopping and actually found some clothes that I liked – clothes that probably would not have fit a month and a half ago! I’ll post the details of that separately.

By the end of the day, I was really hungry, and I was craving sweets and carbs – I mean things like bread and cheesey potatoes, etc. Nothing that was healthy. Then we went to Cracker Barrel, and I was thinking, “Oh now, I could definitely go crazy with all the empty carbs and sugars here.” Well, after debating with myself for a while, I went for the grilled chicken salad. Honestly, it was the BEST grilled chicken salad I’ve ever had. The chicken was hot and had a delicious marinade on it. (I do honestly wonder about the calories that the marinade added.) Then it had super fresh grated cheddar cheese on it. The boiled egg was split and half and on the side of the salad, so it was very easy to know how many calories that was. I did allow myself to half one and a half biscuits. They were relatively small. Don’t get me wrong, though, even though that salad was good, it still isn’t an adequate substitute for what I really wanted – pancakes covered in blackberries and whipped cream!

Here’s the menu:

  • Breakfast: Aldi’s Baked Encrusted Tilapia (190), Steamed Broccoli (48) with cheddar cheese (114)
  • Lunch: Zesty Gumbo canned soup (200) w/ Crackers (62) and Cheddar cheese (114); Fudgesicle (110)
  • Dinner at Cracker Barrel: Salad w/ Marinated Grilled Chicken (188), Cheddar cheese (114), and 1/2 boiled egg (39); 1.5 biscuits (216)
  • Total Calories Eaten:1425
  • Calories burned through exercise: -466
  • Net calories: 960

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