Well, today was definitely a little blah! I woke up feeling just weird. I half thought it was Sunday at first and wondered why my alarm was ringing at 5:30am. I had also been having a less than pleasant dream but I couldn’t remember the details – it just made me feel kinda sad. Then I ended up having to stay fairly late at work to get an important thing done. So I got home too late to exercise!! Oh no! I generally allow myself to skip 1-2 weekdays (so that means I workout 4 times per week). However, I’ve never skipped a Monday. Yeah, I’ve actually worked every single monday for the past 8 weeks!! (since I started this weight loss journey.) It just seems like such a Monday thing to do and such a good way to start the week. Now I’m worried. Also, I know that I won’t be able to workout Wednesday and fitting it on Friday may or may not be possible, and if it is possible it will really have to be squeezed tightly into my schedule. I’m really gonna need some extra motivation tomorrow. Today was the first true winter – feeling day. And it really put me in the mood to bake. I was so desperate to do so that I just baked oatmeal cookies. I just couldn’t fight off the urge to bake. Here’s the menu:

  • Usual breakfast omelette
  • Usual turkey and cheddar lunchable
  • Unusual cheese pizza lunchable
  • 2 oatmeal cookies
  • Total Calories: 1136

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