What a Disaster!

So you might imagine from the title that I ate 2 pounds of chocolate and 5 slices of pizza. Thankfully, that didn’t happen, although that’s about what I wanted to eat! The worst part of the day is that I did not exercise. And I know that I cannot exercise tomorrow because I have plans immediately following work. I should be able to exercise on Thursday, but it will have been four full days without exercising. I’m so worried that I will have lost what I’ve worked so hard for. Will I still be able to run week 4 of couch to 5k? I really hope so, but I’m worried. I hate to have to go that long without a workout. I will probably repeat week 4 next week, but, still, I hope I haven’t lost too much. With so much a stake, you might be wondering why I didn’t exercise. It’s not that I absolutely couldn’t fit into my schedule, but it would have been tight, and I really didn’t want to rush. I got home from work at 5:15 and I needed to be at church by 7:30. And I wasn’t sure if I would have time to wash my hair after my workout, which really makes me feel all icky. I don’t like that feeling. I really love being able to wash and dry my hair after I workout, but that takes so long. (I have long hair – drying it takes 11-12 minutes.) Also, I was unusually hungry when I got home, so I wanted to eat first. Then, to be honest, I just absolutely was not in the mood for a workout. Not at all. It’s freezing cold and it was dark and it just felt like the time to curl up with a good book. Next time I’m just going to force myself to the gym. Anyway, enough on that topic.

On to the eating. Well, I was just totally off eating wise. I slept in too long, so I didn’t have time for my usual omelette. Instead had a cookie and some crackers (not nearly as filling.) Then I was absolutely craving chocolate (which I don’t keep in my house), so to make up for not being able to eat that I munched on everything else – things I didn’t even really want. And I went back to some bad habits – eating crackers straight out of the box, breaking off little bits of cookie instead of having a measured amount. I was feeling a lot less optimistic and motivated than usual. The amounts of stuff for today are just guesses, because, like I say, I didn’t portion out what I was eating. (by the way, the rest of the oatmeal cookies are in the trash, where they belong. when will I learn?) Today’s food (in no particular order):

  • About 3 or so oatmeal cookies, I think, could be more, though (390)
  • About 3 servings of Kashi crackers, I think, could be more or less (348)
  • Usual turkey & cheddar on crackers Lunchable (340) – about the only thing where I’m actually sure how much I ate
  • About a serving of Powerade (60)
  • About 2 servings of Saltine crackers (122)
  • 1 Encrusted Tilapia fillet from Aldi (190)
  • a Weight watchers smart one’s frozen dessert (170)
  • Total (estimated) calories eaten: 1624

  1. #1 by Charlie Hills on October 29, 2008 - 3:00 am

    You almost make it sound like there might be something wrong with 2 pounds of chocolate and 5 slices of pizza…

  2. #2 by Charlie Hills on October 29, 2008 - 3:01 am

    Oops. Forgot the wink! 😉

  3. #3 by followmyweigh on October 29, 2008 - 5:07 am

    i loved reading your train of thought about leading to not working out, just because thats EXACTLY how my mind runs when it comes to skipping working out, which i have NOT been doing – so i am so impressed that you call skipping one day a disaster!!! i wish i had that mindset!

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