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Survived Thanksgiving!

I don’t have long to write as I have family staying with me for the Thanksgiving holiday, but I wanted to report that I survived Thanksgiving and did okay eating wise. Family will be around until Sunday, so it’ll be back to blogging as usual on Monday.



Tuesday – Still hanging in there!

Well, I’m happy to report that I’m still doing well. I am very proud of myself for avoiding a high calorie meal when eating with a friend today. I, instead, opted for yogurt and then ate the lunch the I had brought for myself later. I did give in to a cookie at a meeting though. The problem was that the passed the cookie tray around at the meeting – why did that actually have to pass it around? Couldn’t they just leave it on the table so you would at least have to reach for a cookie!? It becomes 10 times harder to avoid eating a cookie when the cookie tray is literally inĀ  your hands. There really wasn’t a way to avoid touching it without being excessively rude – although I guess I could have passed the tray on without grabbing a cookie for myself. I did not work out today b/c I had a late meeting at work and then got stuck in traffic. Oh well. I will work out tomorrow, though.

The menu:

  • Chips Ahoy Chew Cookie (60)
  • Omelet (147+114)
  • 4 Smarties (100)
  • Yogurt (80)
  • Sam’s Choice Thai Chicken (310)
  • Cookie at work meeting (270)
  • Chips ahoy cookie (60)
  • 1 can of green beans (70)
  • Tastes of cake batter while baking (135)
  • Total cals eaten: 1353


Week 8 Summary and Stats

I already wrote my feelings about this on my last post, so I’ll just stick to the facts here:

  • Pounds lost this week: +1.6 (yes, that’s a gain, my friends)
  • Total pounds lost: 16.0
  • Avg net cals this week: 1175
  • Avg cals burned through exercise: -326 (not bad, if I do say so myself)
  • Total calorie deficit this week: 5,075 (see I ACTUALLY burned 1.45 pounds of fat this week, even if the silly scale is being contrary)



What do you want to hear first . . .

… the bad news or the good news?

Well, I can’t hear your answer, so we’ll start with the bad. My “weigh-in” this morning did not go well – up 1.6 pounds – the joys of being a woman! Seriously! Up. For the first time since I started this 11 weeks ago. Well, I didn’t let it get me down (although it was a bit tempting). I had a calorie deficit this week of over 5000 calories (even conservatively), so that is definitely not a gain of actual fat. But it would have been nice to have a loss right before Thanksgiving week, when I’m not likely to lose much. oh well.

The eating was pretty good today. I felt much more motivated and in control. Did have a few indulgences but nothing major.

Now for the good news: I burned 850 calories in my 1.5 hour workout today! Yep, I told you I was gonna do some long workouts to pre-undo the Thanksgiving damage. Unfortunately I did not get to run the 20 minutes that I was hoping to, b/c the treadmills were all taken. I ran for 11 mins when a treadmill finally was available, and then I had to come home. I’m beginning to think I should subtract out the calories I would have burnt doing nothing, because it kinda skews my net cal count – the longer the amount of time I workout, the more skewed it is, obviously. (If that last sentence doesn’t make sense to you or even if that’s not the first thought you had when you read 850 cals in 1.5 hours, consider yourself lucky not to be such a number freak.)

The menu:

  • Cheddar Omelet (261)
  • 4 Smartie rolls (99)
  • Sam’s Choice Thai Coconut Chicken (310)
  • 4 ritz crackers, 2 saltine crackers, 2 Oreos, 1tiny chips ahoy cookie (290)
  • Barber Foods Chicken Cordon Bleu Chicken (281)
  • A can of green beans (70)
  • 1 serving of Powerade – 8 fl. oz. (64)
  • Total cals eaten: 1374
  • Cals burned through exercise: 846
  • Net cals: 528

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Still hanging on…

Sunday, November 23

I did okay today, but not great. I feel like I’m really just kinda hanging on. I was lax in measuring/recording what I ate. Kinda munched on things, so I don’t have a great idea of how much I ate. Also, ate way too much chocolate. But I did not by any means just throw in the towel and did make some good choices. I am really hoping for a solid 3 days before Thanksgiving. So no junk and long workouts tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I think that will really help give me a boost…both in creating huge calorie deficits and in giving me a mental boost to keep trying through Thanksgiving. Here’s the menu, although I’m almost embarrassed to post it even though the final calorie count isn’t too bad:

  • Some amount of brownies (didn’t really measure) and a couple handfuls of chocolate chips (416)
  • A few saltine crackers (122)
  • Sam’s Choice Thai Style Coconut Chicken Medallions – delicious and very filling, lots of chicken (310)
  • Wendy’s Grilled chicken mandarin salad with crispy noodles (240)
  • 3 Hershey miniature candy bars (136)
  • 4 Chips Ahoy Chewy cookies (240)
  • Total cals eaten: 1463

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Thanksgiving Survival Strategy

With Thanksgiving coming up so soon, I felt that I should write about strategy. First, let me tell you what worries me about Thanksgiving. It might surprise to learn that I’m not worried about the Thanksgiving meal itself. Yes, I will eat more calories than I normally due in that meal, but it won’t be a ridiculous amount. And I’m not tempted to eat large portions. As soon as I feel full I stop eating. I HATE that feeling of being too full, so I just never eat that much. As soon as I feel full, I stop eating. So, you might be thinking, what’s her problem? Why is she so overweight if she doesn’t eat huge portions and stops eating when she’s full? Well, I have a problem that is every bit as bad: I graze, nibble, take little bites and tastes here and there, and eat pretty much all day. You can consume a LOT of calories eating in that manner. Hence, my problem.

I’ll start by identifying the things that will be an extra challenge for me. I figure if I see the problems coming, I’ll be better able to deal with them:

  • Extra food temptations will be ever-present from Thursday through Sunday. That’s four days of having all sorts of my “trigger” foods readily available. On general principles, I keep snacks, sweets, and munchy items completely out of my house. I mean, i even strugle to have a box of triscuits or cereal or an open bag of choc chips around, b/c I can too easily grab “Just one.” However, these types of foods will be sitting out in plain view for days. My familiy usually eats a big lunch and then just leaves a bunch of snacky things sitting out and munches all day and doesn’t even have an official dinner.
  • Most meals will contain more “normal” higher calorie foods. I will have company for 4 days straight, and I won’t prepare something separate for me to eat. So my meals, even eating moderate portions, will be higher calorie than usual. (None of the rest of my family has much of a weight problem, so they’re not too concerned about these things – don’t ask me how they don’t, being as how I picked up many of these bad habits from them.)
  • The Y isn’t open on Thanksgiving. Enough said.
  • I will not have much access to my calorieKing software (a.k.a my food diary) or my blog, things that would normally help give me support in challenging times.
  • Although I will exercise some for sure, it will be more difficult to find that time when there’s so many people here and so many things going on.
  • People around me (skinny people) will be eating things that I shouldn’t – sometimes I use that as a way to rationalize doing the same thing. .. (i.e. They’re skinny and they’re eating a piece of chocolate, so surely i can too.)
  • Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate – need I say more?

Okay, now for my survival strategy. Unfortunately, it isn’t much, but it’s all I’ve got:

  • Thanksgiving is NO reason to eat poorly on Mon, Tues, and Wed. I will not use Thanksgving as an excuse to do poorly earlier in the week.
  • I will exercise as much as possible. I will try to extra for longer amounts of time on Mon/Tues/Wed, and I will try to get in a long session on Saturday.
  • I will have some healthier foods available. I bought a 5 lb box of Clementine oranges, and I may splurge on the bagged sliced apples that don’t turn brown.
  • Willpower – I know I can’t live on it, but there really is NO substitute in some situations.

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Keep on truckin’…

Saturday, Nov 22

I had a high school geography teacher who used to always say “Keep on truckin’ ” and I feel like that’s what I’m doing here. I’m not feeling super in control or super motivated or like I’m losing grand amount of weights, but I’m still truckin’ along!

To start off, here’s a “go figure” for you: this morning was the first morning this week that the scale actaully dropped…after a day of a lot of food and 2200 calories. I’m telling you, I can hardly figure rhyme or reason to that silly scale.

I did start the day with an hour long workout at the Y. I actually think stepping out the door in the 15 degree weather was the biggest accomplishment. Didn’t run as much as I wanted to, mainly because I was bored to death and wanted to stop, not because my body couldn’t handle it.

Nothing too intersting about the rest of the day. Except to say that I’m getting a little too lax in the calorie tracking. Like I had a few nibbles here and there that I didn’t record in my food journal.

Here’s the men:

  • A piece of chocolate and 2 saltine crackers (98)
  • Cheese omelet (261)
  • 1 Clementine orange (35)
  • Lean Cuisine southwest panini (330)
  • Dove ice cream bar (320)
  • Total cals eaten: 1044
  • Total cals burned through exercise: -597
  • Net cals: 447

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