Starting to get frustrated.

Well, yet again I had a not so great day. I’m definitely getting frustrated.

I did workout this morning for about 55 minutes. I was supposed to do c25k week 4 day 2 but I only made it halfway through the scheduled runs. This is the first time I haven’t been able to complete a c25k workout. My legs just wouldn’t let me go. I really do think the 4 days without working out was not good for me. I’m just going to repeat week 4 next week (which was my plan even if I had been able to complete today’s runs). I’m really hoping I can get through the whole thing on Monday.

I did start out quite well eating wise today. However, after I’d already eaten a late lunch and indulged in a little dessert, I was invited over to a friends house for lasagna. Well, there really is no such think as healthy lasagna. I also ate 1.5 choc chip cookies while there. Then I made one more mistake and actually did some emotional eating, which I’m usually not as prone to. I broke up with my boyfriend, and so, of course, I feel terrible about it, and I just wanted to stop thinking about it, so I just wanted to forget it. So I gave in and a had 170 calorie weight watchers dessert. Oh, and it didn’t help – I guess that’s a good thing, I won’t be tempted to do it again. And it could have been worse – at least I didn’t eat a pint of rocky road like the size 0 gals always do in the movies after a breakup.

So this week has not gone so well. But I have had many genuine challenges present themselves. It’s really been a rough week. However, although I definitely wish I could turn back time and make better food choices, I feel positive about some things:

  • First, I’ve reacted differently to this week than I EVER (and I mean ever) have in the past to a similar situation. I had 3 or 4 pretty bad days, didn’t meet a lot of my goals for both avoidable and unavoidable reasons, had a couple huge chocoalte fiascos, but I never ONCE threw in the towel. I never stopped trying. I never stopped blogging. I never stopped journalling. I never made a bad choice just because my last meal had been a disaster. You might not see all that as progress, but I do. It’s huge psychological progress.
  • Second, my calories were not too bad, really. Even with all the not so great days, I’ve still had a deficit all but a couple days where I was about even.
  • Third, I still feel very motivated (although frustrated at the same time – I’m trying to channel that frustration in a good way). It hasn’t gotten me down. I can’t wait to get up tomorrow and try again. And I can’t wait till Monday’s workout to prove that I really can do week 4 of c25k.

Okay, so the menu:

  • Breakfast: Aldi’s encrusted tilapia and green beans with .5 oz of cheddar cheese (317)
  • Lunch: 1 single serve thin crust margherita pizza (420) and a WW dessert (170)
  • Dinner: 1 piece of lasagna (380 – estimate), and 1.5 choc chip cookies (210 – estimate)
  • Snack: Another WW dessert (170)
  • Total calories eaten: 1667
  • Calories burned through exercise: -485
  • Net calories: 1182

  1. #1 by Tara on November 2, 2008 - 4:39 am

    so, I’m impressed at the 1.5 cookies– that means you were in control. Also, having a WW dessert to deal with the bf situation, while not good, could have been much worse. I see that as progress, really. At least it was portion controlled and somewhat low calorie– you could have run through a DQ drive thru or something…would have been worse. I agree that you’ve made some big psychological progress. Tomorrow will be iffy because of the eating out thing, but just get right back on Monday and go do your workout, and make this next week count. Good luck!

  2. #2 by followmyweigh on November 2, 2008 - 3:05 pm

    wow you REALLY didn’t do bad at all! sigh, i’m not a size 0 gal but i’m one of those who will sit down with a pint of ice cream. thankfully i haven’t done that in a WHILE. and great job on pinpointing those positives.

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