My “Philosophy” Pt. 1

I couldn’t come up with a great title, but I wanted to take a minute to outline my weight loss – uh, there’s so many words for it – plan, strategy, philosophy, diet, lifestyle change, program, whatever!

First, one pertinent background point: I have tried many, many times to lose weight and have not ever been permanently successful. (I’m sure many of you are in the boat.) So I realize that I need to do something differently, and a lot of this stems from what I’ve learned about myself in the past.

Second, there are a million different articles and books and blogs and diets out there that will each claim a different approach to weight loss. In truth, many approaches will work, and there is ONE proven, scientific, undisputed way to lose weight: consume fewer calories than you burn. That is one thing know. Everything else is, at best, debated by the experts, such as low carb, glycemic index, mini-meals, etc. Do any of these things cause you to burn enough extra calories/fat to make a noticeable difference? I have no idea, and I will not at any time in the near future find conclusive proof one way or the other, so I’m not going to deem any of these other things necessary for my long term weight management success.



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