Week 5 Summary and Stats

Alright, I’ll start with what you’re all dying to know – I lost 0.8 pounds this week. Of course, more would be wonderful, but I’m actually very happy with this. First, I had an unusually high loss last week (3.8 pounds) which usually results in less the next week. Then, I ate a lot more than usual and exercised less than usual. That loss is right about where my self-computed calorie deficit would put me. (I compute by tracking my weight and calories eaten in a spreadsheet. Then I use that information (and the fact that one pound is 3500 cals) to determine about how many calories I burn each day. I think this is important for me, because I burn fewer calories per day than all the on-line calculators or my calorieking program say I do. If I took their word for it, I’d be frustrated – I want to know what my body actually burns.)

Anyway, overall I’d consider it good that even in my worst week so far I had caloric deficit of about 500 per day. And I didn’t let it get me down or throw in the towel. And this week is already poised to go much better.

The stats:

  • Pounds lost: -0.8
  • Average calories eaten: 1752
  • Average cals burned through exercise: -192
  • Average net cals: 1560

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