Better late than never

It’s Monday evening, but I’m writing about yesterday because I was too busy too blog last night. Anyway, I did really well in spite of several temptations. A group of about 10-15 friends from church went out for pizza for dinner after church. Of course, I wanted to hang out with the friends. But I didn’t want to eat the pizza. For one thing, it just wasn’t my favorite pizza place. If I were going to eat pizza, I wouldn’t that kind. Also, I had already splurged on some extra calories on Saturday, so I didn’t want to do it again. Thirdly, if I were to splurge on a high calorie food, I would want it to be chocolate not pizza. But what’s a girl to do? Well, I did what I’ve wanted to do several times but have never been brave enough to follow through: I just didn’t eat anything. I ate dinner myself after I got home. I was worried that people would notice that I wasn’t eating and wonder. Well, they did notice and ask questions, but I lived. Three people made observations:

  • One lady simply commented that I wasn’t eating anything.
  • Another lady asked me if I was fasting.
  • Another guy asked me why I wasn’t eating and asked if I was dieting. I just said I wasn’t hungry.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with my menu. The bottom line:

  • 773 calories eaten

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