Controllably going wild

First, I had a great “weigh-in” this morning. Had a loss for the week that I’m happy with. I’ll post that in the weekly summary.

Work was, shall we say, stressful, today. Tomorrow and Wednesday promise to be even worse. Quite possibly the most stressful days I’ve had in my year and half of working there. Now, I have identified that this is really a problem time for me. A time when I’m tempted to throw in the towel. My weight problems just don’t seem as important when I’m trying to make it through the workday. However, this level of stress does not occur often, and it’s no reason to backslide. I am afraid if I try to stick with my super-low calorie plan, it will backfire. Therefore, today, tomorrow, and Wednesday, I am going to allow myself to eat maintenance calories (about 1800). No big deal. Three days of maintaining isn’t going to slow me down much in the grand scheme, and it’s far better than losing control. On Thursday it’ll be right back to the usual. Notice, I’m not going off plan or just having a free-for-all for three days. I’m just easing up, so I will have to worry less. Anyway, I feel like it’s a pretty good plan, and one of the things that will differentiate this weight loss effort from my previous failed attempts. That said, I actually didn’t even eat all the calories I allowed myself today. Here’s the menu:

  • Slim fast bar (220)
  • 3 Smartie rolls (75)
  • Turkey burger with cheese on light bread (316)
  • Granola bar (130)
  • Lean Cuisine Garlic Chicken Pizza (340)
  • Dove ice cream bar (320)
  • Total cals eaten: 1400

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