You win some, you lose some…

… and I definitely lost some today! (Reading that, I realize it could sound like a good thing, as in I lost some pounds, but, no, in this case it means I lost some food battles.) Basically, I made nearly every mistake in the diet book in one day. I think I’ll just make a list of all the mistakes that caused this:

  • I was genuinely hungrier than usual (possibly could have been helped a little if I had gotten up earlier and prepared a different breakfast)
  • Just had a plain lack of willpower – some days you have more, some you have loss
  • Subconsciously I’m already in dread of that T-word (thanksgiving) and how I’ll possibly live through it w/o picking up an extra 10 pounds – more on my survival strategy in a later post
  • Had some boredom eating at work
  • Had some stress-related eating (had to drive home through snow which was frustrating and stressful, so for some reason I thought chocolate would help – it didn’t stop the snow)
  • Lied to myself, by allowing myself to buy a full package of chocolate and telling myself I would only eat one or two pieces – ha!
  • Definitely did not set up a “no-fail environment”
  • Did not have any time in my day for exercise – not sure how I could have avoided that one, but it would have helped
  • Experiencing frustration and impatience because the scale just hasn’t budged in a while
  • Lack of preparation
  • Lack of information – wasn’t aware that the Panera sandwich was such a bad choice, would have helped to have looked up their menu ahead of time

Okay, the menu. And, let me tell these calories are really a wild guess, which I find frustrating in of itself. The sandwich I had at Panera was 1000 (yes a thousand) calories according to the offical nutrition information. However, I find that hard to believe, and  the normal sandwich contains mayonnaise and I left that off. Also, the dessert is a wild guess – it was at a restaurant that doesn’t publish nutrition information -it wasn’t a large amount, but it was calorie dense. Anyway:

  • Slim Fast bar (220)
  • 100 calorie pack (100)
  • 4 rolls of smarties (100)
  • Southwest Turkey burger w/ pepperjack cheese on light bread (316)
  • 8 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolate truffles (473)
  • Turkey breast on Focaccia bread w/ asiago cheese from Panera (470)
  • Hot fudge cobbler a la mode dessert from King’s restaurant (498)
  • Total cals eaten: 2176

  1. #1 by FollowMyWeigh on November 23, 2008 - 9:33 am

    so true, we win some, we lose some! great idea writing out that list, i can identify with lots of them, including having passing “daunting” thoughts about thanksgiving! here’s to a better day!

  2. #2 by Tara on November 23, 2008 - 10:36 am

    Well….are you back on track today? I think the most important thing is not to fall into a downward spiral. As in, don’t just throw in the towel until Thanksgiving– that would be kind of tempting because it seems pointless to keep going, but it would be far worse than just eating like crazy on the day of. It stinks about the Panera thing. I hate it when I think I’m making a good choice, and then it turns out that having my normal thing would have been better anyhow. Well, I hope you start right back up today as best you can. Don’t get too discouraged. Also, there could be several good reasons the scale is not moving. For one, you had a few more calories last week because of work. I know most of the time it wasn’t that many, but there were some. Also, as you said, carbs can make you hold weight/water, so just keep looking forward to that day where you’ll drop 5 overnight!

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