Thanksgiving Survival Strategy

With Thanksgiving coming up so soon, I felt that I should write about strategy. First, let me tell you what worries me about Thanksgiving. It might surprise to learn that I’m not worried about the Thanksgiving meal itself. Yes, I will eat more calories than I normally due in that meal, but it won’t be a ridiculous amount. And I’m not tempted to eat large portions. As soon as I feel full I stop eating. I HATE that feeling of being too full, so I just never eat that much. As soon as I feel full, I stop eating. So, you might be thinking, what’s her problem? Why is she so overweight if she doesn’t eat huge portions and stops eating when she’s full? Well, I have a problem that is every bit as bad: I graze, nibble, take little bites and tastes here and there, and eat pretty much all day. You can consume a LOT of calories eating in that manner. Hence, my problem.

I’ll start by identifying the things that will be an extra challenge for me. I figure if I see the problems coming, I’ll be better able to deal with them:

  • Extra food temptations will be ever-present from Thursday through Sunday. That’s four days of having all sorts of my “trigger” foods readily available. On general principles, I keep snacks, sweets, and munchy items completely out of my house. I mean, i even strugle to have a box of triscuits or cereal or an open bag of choc chips around, b/c I can too easily grab “Just one.” However, these types of foods will be sitting out in plain view for days. My familiy usually eats a big lunch and then just leaves a bunch of snacky things sitting out and munches all day and doesn’t even have an official dinner.
  • Most meals will contain more “normal” higher calorie foods. I will have company for 4 days straight, and I won’t prepare something separate for me to eat. So my meals, even eating moderate portions, will be higher calorie than usual. (None of the rest of my family has much of a weight problem, so they’re not too concerned about these things – don’t ask me how they don’t, being as how I picked up many of these bad habits from them.)
  • The Y isn’t open on Thanksgiving. Enough said.
  • I will not have much access to my calorieKing software (a.k.a my food diary) or my blog, things that would normally help give me support in challenging times.
  • Although I will exercise some for sure, it will be more difficult to find that time when there’s so many people here and so many things going on.
  • People around me (skinny people) will be eating things that I shouldn’t – sometimes I use that as a way to rationalize doing the same thing. .. (i.e. They’re skinny and they’re eating a piece of chocolate, so surely i can too.)
  • Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate – need I say more?

Okay, now for my survival strategy. Unfortunately, it isn’t much, but it’s all I’ve got:

  • Thanksgiving is NO reason to eat poorly on Mon, Tues, and Wed. I will not use Thanksgving as an excuse to do poorly earlier in the week.
  • I will exercise as much as possible. I will try to extra for longer amounts of time on Mon/Tues/Wed, and I will try to get in a long session on Saturday.
  • I will have some healthier foods available. I bought a 5 lb box of Clementine oranges, and I may splurge on the bagged sliced apples that don’t turn brown.
  • Willpower – I know I can’t live on it, but there really is NO substitute in some situations.

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