Report for Tues:

I’m happy to report that I made it through a rough morning. It was hard to get up b/c I’d only had a little sleep last night and the night before. And I slept a little later than usual so I didn’t have time for my omelet. So I instead threw a southwestern turkey burger that I had already thawed in the fridge on the George Foreman grill. Then I just put it on a couple of slices of bread w/ a slice of cheese. So it took very little time to prepare, was  tasty, and I could eat in the car. For lunch, I went out to Applebees with a friend. I think I did okay there, actually. Had a half a sandwich and french onion soup. Then, stupid me, went to a got an oreo sundae after work. I estimated it to have about 700 calories, but after I ate I looked up the nutrition info (yes, fine time to look up the info) and it has over 1100 claories! Well, I’m not going lose sleep over it – my overall cals for the day were probably not too terrible. (maybe  2000-2500). And the important thing, as I’ve said a million times , is to keep on going and not let a mistake derail me. Tomorrow I hope to get in a longer workout (at least an hour), and I should be able to stay on the eating track pretty well. I’m not tracking my calories this week because I have so many events that are out of my control (dinner at friends, dinner at work party on thursday, dinner at friends house on friday, restaurant w/o NI today, etc.). However, I can still lose weight without knowing exactly how many calories I’m eating. I still know what I should and shoulnd’t be eating and what the healthier, low calorie choices are.



  1. #1 by Tara on December 10, 2008 - 12:23 am

    You know, your attitude has very much improved in recent months as far as the all or nothing thing goes. In the past you would have probably gone completely off this week with so many events without NI facing you.

    Oreo sundae sounds good, lol. I’ve been wanting some sweet stuff lately, which is totally uncharacteristic of me. I think it’s the recent stress, though. Does that cause cravings for you?

    Anyway, glad to hear you’re taking problematic events in stride. Holiday parties, etc. really do make things difficult, but think how much we’d gain if we just stopped completely– it really is better to stay OP as often as possible, but I’ve decided that if I do have to go off for a party or something, I’m going to do as best as I can, but if I cheat, I’m going to let myself enjoy it and not start the guilt trip because the guilt doesn’t affect the calories anyway!

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