My 100th Post!

Well, this is my one hundredth post. I feel like I should celebrate. And I’m 18.4 pounds lighter than I was on post one! If I weren’t in a hurry I would go ahead and say something reflective about how blogging has fit into my lifestyle change. However, I’ll save all that for later.

Today, believe it or not, actually went quite well. I followed all my plans, started journaling every bite of food, exercised for an hour, and trashed all the possible junk food temptations in the house. I feel very positive about having a loss this week! Anyway, we had a Christmas party at Uno’s (where I consumed 1300 calories – amazing how quickly those cals add up at restaurants). I love that Uno’s publishes very clear and detailed nutrition information. I looked at that ahead of time and was prepared to order the healthiest thing I could – their stuffed chicken breast with a side of broccoli and mashed potatoes. But I only ate half of the potatoes. I had planned to forgo the breadstick, but it was so good! All the calories were because we had appetizers and dessert. The hour long workout today counteracted that. Plus I had a low cal breakfast and only had a yogurt for dinner, because I was not too hungry after the big lunch. I’m thrilled to be back on track. And I’m ready for tomorrow’s challenges. Which will be fitting in a workout before I go to church and getting some extra housework/cooking done so that I will have time to workout on Wednesday (an even tighter schedule).

Total cals eaten today: 1709

Cals burned through exercise: -581

Net Cals: 1128

  1. #1 by FollowMyWeigh on December 16, 2008 - 12:31 am

    Wow you’re doing so well! Great job at Uno’s…the calories really do stack up at restaurants. And that is awesome you are 18.4lbs lighter than your 1st post.

    Happy 100th post 🙂 !!!!!

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