Week 14 Summary

So did anyone notice that last week was “Week 10” and this week is “Week 14.” Probably not, but in case you did, I’ll explain. Yes, I do know how to count. Whew! – you should all be relieved to know that the person designing nuclear power plants knows how to count (along with a few other mathematical things)! Anyway, I had “restarted” my weight loss after the third week so I started back again. But since then I have realized that there’s no such thing as restarts. And if there were, nearly every week would be week one again. I don’t want to wipe the slate clean every time I mess up…it’s all part of the plan. Besides, my body doesn’t negate all the extra calories, just because I arbitrarily declare a restart.

Anyway, not too much in the way of stats this past week, as I did not journal my foods and only (dare I even say this – this may be the worst yet) exercised two times for 30 minutes each. Better than nothing. And a positive step considering how in the past I would allow the all-or-nothing mentality overcome me and not even bother exercising any at all because I couldn’t do it as much as I thought I needed to.

Okay, on to what you really reading to find out. I lost 0.6 pounds this week, and I’m thrilled with that. I was afraid I would gain, with how little I exercised and how poorly I ate. I think my continuing to try in spite of many mistakes has really helped me make it through the last couple weeks without a gain. This week, however, I am really trying for a more serious loss.



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