Don’t you love my creative title?

Today went okay. The group I was with ordered pizza for lunch – they sure aren’t making this easy – Chinese yesterday and pizza today. However, it really hasn’t frustrated me like it often does. I’ve been eating super low calorie the rest of the day, so it balances out. I did, however, have two pieces of pizza, which is unusual for me – I usually don’t have a problem sticking to one piece. I think it was because I was so hungry – and the second piece was on the small side.

Also, a slight moral victory, I really, really wanted to stop by Burger King drive-thru and order a Hershey Sundae Pie slice (300 calories). I didn’t, and instead came home and ate my 60 calorie sugar free pudding!

I was also able to marinate some chicken to use for lunches this week. I grill on my George Foreman in the mornings and put it on some lettuce and throw in some cheese, and use salsa as dressing. It’ll be a decent lunch. However, I’m worried about how many calories the marinade adds. It used 1/3 cup of oil (which has more than 500 calories) on 1.65 pounds of chicken and it is really soaking up a lot of it. I know the George Foreman is supposed to drain it off – I hope it does. Also, the chicken should theoretically make more than 5 servings, if you count 4 oz (raw) as one serving. However, it shrinks a lot when it cooks, so I think I’ll be doing well to get 4 servings, which obviously ups the calories per serving.

Here’s my food journal for today. The cals are just a guess, really. It’s funny, after I told myself I didn’t have to journal, I’ve found myself wanting to! Today:



  1. #1 by Tara on February 8, 2009 - 9:31 pm

    Good for you in not getting frustrated. I can definitely sympathize. It seems that when bad food situations come, they come one right after the other. The only thing to do I suppose is adapt and not obsess about it since that doesn’t help things anyway– easier said than done, though.

    Also– CONGRATULATIONS on passing up BK– that’s though for you, I know, but great job.

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