Still coming up with creative titles, aren’t I?

Anyway, today went well overall. I took the time to make an omelet in the morning which really helped me feel like I was on track. I avoided major temptation – around 2 in the afternoon (and I was just sitting at my desk working on the same thing all day) I got pretty hungry and was craving some snacks. I was trying to fight it, but some genuine hunger coupled with a strong case of the munchies, sure doesn’t make it easy. Then, to make matters worse, they brought out a lot of pizza (from my favorite pizza place) that was leftover from some meeting, so we could eat it. However, I happy to announce that I didn’t not eat so much as one bite of anything until dinner! It wasn’t easy. Before  you become too impressed, I must confess, if they had brought out chocolate chip cookies, I would have given in and eaten one – I’m glad it was just pizza. Still not easy to pass up, but easier for me than passing up sweets!

I really, really wanted to workout. It’s so very helpful to me to start out the week with a workout. I got up early and got to work early in hopes that I would have time, but I didn’t. Not as in I didn’t have too much to do type of no-time, but I had a friend over for dinner about 10 mins after I got home from work, then went straight from that to a Bible study at another friend’s house, and got back home around 10, which is when the Y closes. Well, tomorrow I should have time for a workout. I fear that I won’t have time on Wednesday, b/c it will be a similar story. Thursday I really think I will. Friday is iffy. Saturday I should have time. That’s still Tues/Thurs/Fri?/Sat, which is four days – my goal.

The menu:

  • Omelet w/ cheese (270)
  • 2 New  York cheesecake filled Hershey kisses (limited edition thing – very tasty) (80)
  • 3 Sugar Free puddings throughout the day (180)
  • Lettuce with grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, and a few tortilla strips (370)
  • A sugar free jello and 3 pieces sugar free candy (50)
  • Lettuce with grilled chicken, .5 oz cheddar cheese (250)
  • Garden veggie medley (50)
  • A cheddar biscuit (140)
  • Total cals eaten: 1390
  1. #1 by Kristina on February 10, 2009 - 10:00 am

    You did good! Pizza is very hard for me to resist, but I’m with ya on the sweets thing… if it had been cupcakes… I would have eaten like, ten of them.
    Good luck getting your workouts in this week, you sound busy!

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