Wednesday – Red Flags

Today has gone fine, but I’m definitely seeing some serious caution lights. First of all, I did something I have not done in a long time. When I was at Wal-Mart I bought Lindt Chocolate truffles. Just felt the need for some chocolate. I have eaten three, which is one official serving (230 cals), so I haven’t gone crazy. However, one should have been sufficient, and there’s that potential.

Next, I made Caramel Graham Fudge brownies. I haven’t really baked in so long and I was just really craving that, so I bought the ingredients at Wal-Mart today (by the way, not baking and having sweets really does save money), and just made them. I only had a few bites of batter, and the plan is to simply have one brownie and give the rest away. I feel like I really am in control right now but I don’t want to be foolish and add unecessary temptation.

I did get in a decent workout today. About 25 mins on the elliptical and 25 mins on the treadmill. I’m estimating 400 cals burned, but that’s probably conservative.

And by the way, a few people commented about the low calories yestesrday. My philosophy is not to worry about it if I have a low day. My average calories eaten for the week have NEVER been below 1200, so I figure it all evens out. If I’m not that hungry one day and only eat 800, thats fine. Conversely, if I’m really hungry or am having an extra treat, and I eat 1500, or even 2000, that’s okay too.

The journal:

  • 1 egg with some mozzarella cheese (120)
  • 1.5 servings of Triscuits (180)
  • 3 servings of Melba Toast (150)
  • Southwest Turkey Burger plan (150)
  • 3 truffles (230)
  • Sam’s Choice Thai Chicken (350)
  • Bites, licks, and tastes while cooking (150)
  • Brownie (400)
  • Total cals eaten: 1730
  • Cals burned through exercise: 400
  • Net cals: 1330
  1. #1 by Christy on February 19, 2009 - 4:04 am

    🙂 I hope my comment yesterday was not too forward when I said you did not eat much. I guess I am just worried about you….and I know that sounds funny since I only know you through the web. But I have been doing some research into a persons RMR (resting metobolic rate…or something like that). Anyways it is the basic amount of calories the normal person burns from daily activity NOT including exercise. Most people burn off 400-500 while we sleep…then you have to count the walking and other basic activities in our day. From what I could gather most people with relative activity during the day (still not counting exercise) burn around 900-1200 calories. Then if you add in exercise or if you have a really active job you could seriously be burning calories. While I was reading up on this I came across people saying that weight loss can be slowed if we do not eat enough/fuel our bodies.

    A great example of this would be the Brown Team on the Biggest Loser this year. Last week’s episode explained why the son had been losing so little weight. He was in the mind set of EAT less, LOSE more…but Bob Harper, his trainer, assure him to meet his daily recommended calorie level and keep up his work to guarantee results. So he went back to 6 small meals/snacks and saw a loss of over 10 pounds in week 6. (I am a HUGE fan of that show, can’t you tell) But I think there is a lot of truth to this story. When I was in the army we had a lady that worked out 3 times a day and lowered her calories around 800-900 a day. She never lost weight but started to gain. Her body assumed she was starving and did not let her use anything she was eating.

    I think you are doing fantastic. And if you can do it so can I! Once my Bodybugg (calorie management system for TBL) gets here I will cut my calories to around 1500 a day. I cannot wait to see how many calories I burn from just regular daily activities…then adding in my 60 minute lunch workouts and 1-3 evening workouts I hope to smash my calories and end up with a 500-1000 calorie deficit each day. With a 500 calorie deficit a day a person will lose around one pound each week. With a 1,000 calorie deficit a person will lose around 2 pounds a week. The Bodybugg has a computer program that it links to. I will wear it all day and it will monitor my calories burned all day during rest or activity. Have you looked into anything like this? Maybe even something like a heart rate monitor or something like that to help you count what you burn?

  2. #2 by Helen's Journey on February 19, 2009 - 7:02 am

    Hi there thanks for the comment 🙂
    I read a lot of blogs and we all mainly have the same goal eating healthy, but it’s good to find another weight loss blog. I will add you to my blog list and keep intouch if that’s ok.
    I’m the same with calories some days I’ll have less but they’re not usually under 1000. I’ve learnt it’s best to eat and exercise rather than cut down too low.
    (I can’t anyway I enjoy my food too much)

  3. #3 by Jennifer on February 19, 2009 - 12:09 pm

    I’ve also found that when I add more veggies and fruit in meals and as snacks, it takes me longer to eat and it feels like I’m not depriving myself.

  4. #4 by Kristina on February 19, 2009 - 12:22 pm

    I’m glad you mentioned the low calories, and I agree with what you’re saying. The concern is only if you are eating under 1200 calories consistently because then your body conforms to that regime and goes into starvation mode, but the fact that your days vary is actually a wonderful thing, and as long as you’re staying in the right range on average, then you’re doing great!
    Chocolate is evil sometimes, and I hate it when your cravings seem to control you! Giving the brownies away is definitely the best thing to do, and don’t beat yourself up over a couple of treats… you’re doing great. =)

    Your fellow cerealaholic,

  5. #5 by my3monthchallenge on February 19, 2009 - 7:38 pm

    Hi Laurajane,
    Love your blog design! And your progress, goal pages and pictures are very inspiring too! 😀 Plz keep up the good work!! For one thing I really have to watch my food intake, like you do. I’m bad with controlling my appetite, especially when I feel like I ‘deserve’ a break, and it usually turns out bad.

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