Wednesday – Hooray for Moderation!

Well, today went fairly well. I did not have time to exercise, but that’s okay. My goal is four times per week, and I will still be able to make that and possibly squeeze in a fifth workout this week. I also spent a little while yesterday loading my iPod with versions 5, 6, and 7 of CardioCoach. I had decided to buy one or two as a reward for getting back on track, and I was thrilled to find that they were on sale. I should be able to go to the Y for a long time tomorrow. I did indulge in some Oreo Overload ice cream from Coldstone today (the smallest size, of course). It was pretty high in calories, of course, but I can still stay completely within my calories for this week. I’ve started logging my foods in SparkPeople, so here’s a screenshot. We’ll see how this works.

April 1, 2009 Food Diary

April 1, 2009 Food Diary



  1. #1 by Lola Fierce on April 1, 2009 - 9:29 pm

    Good job. And, its nice to have a treat every now and then….its almost a must for me. This has to be do-able…something you can do long term. It is not realistic for me to say I’m never going to have a treat. What is realistic (I think) is to negotiate with myself and say, I will have a treat, but it will be small and I’ll have a smaller meal, etc. So I think, your decision to have a small treat – is fine! Good…(as long as it doesn’t trigger a binge).

    Gosh I’m a rambly commenter. Sorry. :o)

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