Thursday – A “Minor” Slip-up

Well, I had my first real slip-up since my restart. Things were going well. I was at Target buying Diet Pepsi that was majorly on sale. And I impulsively bought some Pepperidge Farm Granola Almond cookies. They were new and looked interesting and were on sale. Notice I also broke my “no-spending” rule for the week. The big problem was that the cookies were in the front seat with me as I was making the 45 minute drive home from work and I was very hungry. I ate an embarrassing number of them. It didn’t seem like that many. Well, since I’d eaten so many I wasn’t yet hungry for dinner when I got home. I just got done with a pretty good workout at the Y (50 mins on the elliptical using CardioCoach burning 500+ cals). The final calories for the day aren’t terrible. Since I’m ready to go to sleep, I’m not going to bother with dinner. Tomorrow poses another challenge – dinner at a friend’s house: Poppyseed chicken (creamy chicken covered with crackers and butter) and dessert of fresh-from-the-oven apple pie with ice cream. Since I’ve already had two indulegences this week: the Coldstone ice cream yesterday and accidentally eating too many cookies today, I’m really going to try to just skip the apple pie. But it’s hard when it’s fresh out of the oven and you can smell it and you’re sitting at the table watching everyone else eat it. I’m almost too embarrassed to post today’s food journal but here it is:


  • Total Cals for the Day: 1742
  • Exercise: 50 mins
  • Flex Cals Remaining: 850


  1. #1 by Lola Fierce on April 3, 2009 - 6:19 am

    I know this is sort of dumb, but its just my strategy for eating at potlucks (or when people bring food to work). I say, I’m only going to eat things that are homemade. I mean, because if they are store bought, I can eat them whenever. But if they are homemade and maybe someone’s “specialty” then its truly something to taste. So I allow myself to eat them, but only a small portion.

    So maybe instead of saying you are not going to eat the apple pie. You can say that you are going to try not to eat it, since you’ve had 2 other indulgences, BUT, if you are absolutely tempted, you are going to have some, but it will be 1/2 the portion.

    Maybe you can also have a lighter lunch or less middle of day snacking? You see, its not an all or nothing. Its more of a negotiation. You are always going to have events like this so you need to determine your strategy for handling them….before you get there.

    Good luck! And kudos on not eating the bag of cookies. :o)

  2. #2 by Lucrecia on April 3, 2009 - 8:34 am

    Great thinking Lola! I agree its harder to pass up homemade things. Especially when going to someone’s house.

    I will also admit to eating more than my fair share of calories while mindlessly driving. What is it about being in the car that gives you the munchies? Great job logging the food and moving on though!

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