Woo-hoo – a good day!

Sorry, this is Friday’s report. I wrote it yesterday and thought I published, but it didn’t get published. So today’s (saturdays) report is the post below this. In other words, in chronological order, this post should be earlier.

Wow, after a rough day yesterday and several near misses with chocolate, today went much better. For no reason, really. The biggest real struggle was wanting to snack this morning at work, because not much was going on. I did want some M&M’s but I avoided them.

I tried a “new” way of working out today. I worked out with a friend who lives far away on the phone. She was walking outside and I was doing a workout video. So we were just chatting and keeping each other company. It made the time fly by! We were out of breath at times so it was a little a hard to talk a couple times, but it went pretty well. I actually have an extra copy of the workout DVD I was doing, so I’m going to mail it to her and sometime we will do the same workout while on the phone.

I also turned down dessert tonight without even feeling deprived or without it being such a struggle. My boyfriend was coming over tonight and as soon as he got here (seriously, it within 30 seconds of his arrival), he said, “I was thinking we could go out for dessert tonight.” And I just said I didn’t think that was a good idea for me. I needed to go to Aldi anyway so we went there and he got some ice cream cone things with peanuts on them (I think they’re a generic version of drumsticks). Anyway, was not a problem for me since I don’t like peanuts at all. While he was eating that I had some apple w/ caramel dip (which I already had portioned out in an individual serving).

I think the calories eaten for today were about 1400 and I burned 400 with exercising so that’s not bad. Even though I’m not “counting” per se I’m still using calories as a basis and sometimes I’ll mentally add things up.



  1. #1 by Natasha on April 25, 2009 - 11:00 pm

    Your idea to workout with your friend on the phone is really interesting. How did you come up with it? I would imagine that it would distract from my workout, but it seemed to enhance yours. I will definitely have to give it a try.

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