The Secret to Success

So did you think I was gonna give you all the answers about how to be successful? Sorry, I don’t have them. But I do have some thoughts and a plan. (By the way, I should mention that today went well eating and exercise wise. I even tried something new – kumquats. I didn’t even know what they were.) Anyway, I’ve realized something about my recent struggles to stay “on plan” and what is at the root of them.

Having a decent measure of confidence in my ability to carry out my plans and goals is what I’m lacking. Last fall, when I really thought I had it, I was very confident that I would make. Somewhere along the way I’ve lost some of that. I remember reading “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” several years ago and something I read in that stuck with me. In the first habit, the author about personal integrity and he said it was the ability to keep a promise that you made to yourself. He is so right – and I need a little more confidence in my ability to do that.

Also, I feel like I haven’t been able to distract myself from the things I want to eat. I need to replace those habits with other things.

So here’s my plan. I recently read some blogs where people had set 101 goals for the themselves to accomplish in 1001 days. I liked the idea, and I’m going to do it. How does that help my weight loss? Well, this will help give me some added confidence, which I’m really needing right now. And anytime I think I want to eat something that I really shouldn’t I will use that time to instead focus on accomplishing or working toward one of the goals on my list. Even if it’s just spending 5 minutes thinking about or planning to accomplish one of the goals. Or some of my goals are something I could actually do in 5 or 10 minutes, and just haven’t gotten around to. I will let you know as I accomplish each thing.  The list is in my page titled “101 Things.”


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