A Shout-out to my iPod Nano

First of all, I just have to say that I think the iPod Nano (I have 3rd generation) is about the most durable thing ever invented. I seriously dropped it today, and I’ve done it twice before. The kind of drop that is quite embarrassing actually. It flys off the elliptical, goes sprawling across the ground, and the hard case goes in two different directions. The iPod is perfectly fine. I had to say excuse me to a lady who was exercising on the next elliptical so I could reach under and grab a part of my case. The case, by the way, is perfectly fine too. It’s made to in two pieces that kinda snap together.

Anyway, not a whole lot to report today. I did well with eating and exercising. I feel very good that I got the exercise in today when I really didn’t have time. I was supposed to be at friends house for dinner at 6pm, but I told them I wouldn’t be getting there until 6:30 but they could start eating without me, because it wouldn’t have been possible for me to workout and still get there by 6. I did workout for 50 minutes – I think I worked out harder than usual because I knew I was sacrificing time when I could have/should have been somewhere else, so I really wanted to make it worthwhile. And by the way, I truly had only one small little sliverine of the chocolate Bundt cake we had for dessert.



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