Great Weigh-in!

I have a lot to share tonight and so little time! I’ll save the best for last.

So I didn’t blog yesterday becuase I got home really late, but, never fear, I still logged all my food! Well, as best as I could – I ate at someone’s house so you never really know the calorie counts. Let’s suffice to say, it wasn’t such a great food and exercise day. It’s so hard to recover when you start off poorly. First, I was in a hurry, so I ate 340 calories worth of pure carbs for breakfast – not so filling. So when I arrive at work, of course I’m still hungry. So what do I do? I mindlessly run to the vending machine and get POP-TARTS! What on earth could I possibly have been thinking!!!??? Seriously! POP-TARTS. I think I wrote an entire post a few months ago about how bad I think pop-tarts are. Two pop-tarts have 400 calories, and when you’re done eating them (which takes about 60 seconds if you stretch it out and attempt to savor each bite), you can’t even tell you ate anything. So here I am, sitting at my desk, it’s 7:30am, and I have already consumed SEVEN-HUNDRED-FORTY (740) calories of pure nothing and so I’m still not full, and the whole day is ahead of me. To top it off I have dinner planned at someone’s house and it’s chicken paremesean with garlic bread and green beans on the side. And, as if the situation couldn’t get any worse, I absolutely, physically, literaly did not have time to exercise – as in it would be humanly impossible to do so and make it to said friend’s house for dinner. (Normally I can kinda sorta squeeze it in before evening plans if I dash like a madwoman, don’t dry my hair after my shower, and arrive fashionably late – although I really hate being late for anything – but trying to fit my workouts in has turned me into someone who is late fairly often, and it’s definitely given me some valuable insight into those that are always late. Anyway, couldn’t squeeze it in yesterday because I had to pick up my car from the mechanic shop 20 mins away.) So what did I do? The best I could given the situation. In the end I think I ate just enough to simply maintain my weight. That’s okay for one day, but it’s going to make my goal of a 7000 calorie deficit for the week even more challenging! But I can do it. Here’s the graph for yesterday:


So, moving on to today. I’ll keep it short. I did well eating wise. I discovered a wonderful new food – Smart Ones Chicken Marinara Flatbread. Like what you get out of the frozen dinner section. So, so, so good. Lots of chicken and veggies on top of the flatbread. (I ate it like pizza, though, because the crust is crispy and it feels like more that way). Only 290 calories. I’m sold – unfortunately that particular dinner is not actually on sale like all the other ones. Oh well. I’m still sold. I jogged outside today. I really, really, really wanted to get a good long workout in instead of just 30 minutes of walking/jogging, but there wasn’t time. I got home from work really late and had plans, so I just jogged for 30 minutes. A lot better than nothing, but I haven’t gotten a “full” workout (full meaning 50-60 minutes of decent cardio) since probably last Friday. I need more time! Anway, here’s the graph for today:


Now for the good news. I lost 3.19% of my body weight this week! I’m giving percentages instead of actual pounds lost because I’m participating in a biggest loser contest where my percentage is posted, and I don’t exactly want to just broadcast my weight on my blog – I have people I know “in real life” who read this. Anyway, suffice it to say, 3.19% is a lot of weight, I believe the most I’ve ever lost in a single week, and I’m thrilled! I think my “gazelle intensity” is definitely the way to go. I’ll explain the Biggest Loser thing that I’m doing a little more in a later post. Right now I have to get to bed, so I have the energy to work out tomorrow!


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  1. #1 by Lola Fierce on June 5, 2009 - 8:49 am

    Wow. 740 calories by 7:30 am. All that little stuff adds up. I would have totally done what you did before and not thought anything of it. BUT, you turned it around! Good work.

    (I took Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University classes so everytime you write that I can picture him saying it. :o) )

    You are doing good…

  2. #2 by fatinah on June 5, 2009 - 4:18 pm

    congrats on such a fantastic loss!

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