Woohoo, it’s Friday!!!

Today went well enough, thankfully, although there were, as usual, a few challenges. First of all, I ended up not having time to really eat lunch at work because I got called into a meeting at the last minute. So I just ate some Wheat Thin veggie crisps from the vending machine. Then I stopped by Target on my way home from work and picked up a full size bag of M&Ms (meaning one with about 9 servings – not the individual serving bags). My plan is to divide it up into little ziploc baggies and make my own “100 calorie packs” of M&Ms. Most of you who know me well are probably already cringing by now. Of course I opened the bag so I could sample a few on my 45 minute ride home. Now before you imagine the worst – NO, I did NOT eat the entire bag. Not even close. Thank you very much. I munched on a few one at a time, and in all honesty, I estimated that I had eaten about one serving (210 calories). Of course, since I’m faithfully logging all my calories these days, I could handle a wild guesstimate. Therefore, when I got home, I weighed the remaineder of the bag and subtracted from the total weight of the full bag so I could find out exactly how much I had eaten. Let me tell you – it was very telling. I’d had 1.73 servings (so nearly 2) for a total of 360 calories! Can you believe it!? 360 calories right there. It’s truly amazing how fast they add up!

I got a lot of working out in today – 43 mins on the elliptical at the Y and 28 minutes of “wogging” outdoors – for a total of 680 calories burned!! That helps. I’m still gonna struggle to make my goal of a 7000 calorie deficit for the week, but it’s definitely within the realm of possibility.

Here’s the graph for today:




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