Take that, you stupid cheeseticks!

Today went okay. Squeezed in a 45 minute workout despite not having time. I had to go with a friend to help another friend pack who is moving tomorrow. So I didn’t really have time after I got home from work to work out. However, I immediately hopped into my workout clothes (and luckily since we were packing it was appropriate to go all sweaty and in my workout clothes so I didn’t have to worry about changing) and did an Cathe exercise DVD – burned 475 calories in 45 minute s- more than I would with the elliptical/treadmill – Cathe’s dvd’s are seriously intense. And I just started working out and had my friend call me when she was getting close to my house to pick me up – that way I was able to workout until almost the second she arrived. I also made myself a sandwich before I started working out so I could grab it for dinner on the way out the door, and I ate it the car. I did this because I was obviously hungry after working out and I knew there would be pizza where we were going and I wanted to not be starving so I could pass it up. Well, the pizza wasn’t all that hard to pass up (if it had been chocolate, it would have been a different story, though), but the cheeseticks were just screaming at me. But I didn’t give in.

Here’s todays stats:


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