This is not cool!

Okay, I have a secret for you. I know what the NUMBER ONE cause of weight loss failure is:


Yep. Sure enough. And it’s really no secret. For me, that is the number one thing that will cause me to grab the M&Ms, plop on the couch, skip the gym, throw in the towel, and leap off the badwagon. It can even happen in one fell swoop. Of all the many challenges and roadblocks that I encounter, this 98% of the time this is the one that does me in.

And, well, you guessed it. Today I was tired. I mean purely exhausted. Absolutely didn’t know how I was going to make it through the workday without falling asleep, have to think of an excuse to get up every few minutes kind of tired. Got home, still exhausted as could be. So I skipped the workout – it would have been  horrendous anyway. And I haven’t done much in the way of eating good meals. I’ve just kind of snacked around. But I haven’t thrown in the towel. My calories, while not being the huge deficit I would hope for, are still in check at around 1400 for the day, a deficit of 600. Now, if you saw what those calories actually came from (and how many were from chocolate), I’d be a little embarrassed. Good thing I only post my graphs and not my food journal!

So anyway, my plan is to go to bed early and wake up refreshed tomorrow. But now I don’t feel so sleepy – go figure. Not cool.

Here’s teh graph:


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