Back from “vacation” and already battling diet enemy #1

Well, I’m back from “vacation.” I got back late Friday night. And, as you can see, I have been too busy to blog. I have so much I want to say and I had this wonderful post written in my head, but, as I sit down to write this, I realize I have less than six minutes before I must be in bed, so I can defy diet enemy #1 tomorrow. Don’t you hate how time seems to run away from you? There was so much I wanted to do tonight, and I was excited, energetic, and motivated, but I still couldn’t get even half of it done. By the time I worked out and ate dinner, I only had an hour left.

Anyway, “vacation” (a.k.a directing a week long camp with 80+ girls ages 12-18) was absolutely wonderful. This was the third year for the camp, and I think it was the best yet, and although I came home completely exhausted, it was such a spiritually uplifting and encouraging week. Anyway, as far as the “diet” front goes, I guess I did okay. Not great. Not terrible. Just okay. I gave in to some things. I stood up to some things. I was proud of myself for bringing some of my own food to camp and eating that instead of the food that was prepared for us at camp. (By the way, you may thinking, what’s the big deal about camp food? I know some people have memories of camp food not being all that good. Well, we got to bring our own kitchen staff to the facility, so the food was wonderful! Delicious, home-cooked type meals three meals a day – we’re talking mashed potatoes from scratch (swimming in butter of course), chocolate eclair cake, homemade chocolate chip cookies, parmesan chicken, homemade lasagna, homemade breadsticks, and the list goes on! The week before camp I did not do so well, if you recall, and the week before that was starting to get a little shaky. Well, all told, I gained 1-2 pounds, and I’m honsetly thrilled with that. Last year at camp, I gained nearly 5 pounds. My weight has been fluctuating a lot, so it’s hard to say exactly, but it won’t take me long to undo that damage. And I’m feeling remotivated to really kick things into gear and give it all I’ve got for the final four weeks of the biggest loser contest. I’m absolutely determined to get to my goal of 10% for this contest (I’m at 7% right now).

Okay, so for today’s battle fo diet enemy #1 which is tiredness. We really had it out today. I would say it ended in a draw but we both definitely lost some ground. I still haven’t gotten my sleeping schedule back to being at all normal after camp, so this afternoon at work while sitting and staring at a computer screen I got extremely tired to the point that I was literaly falling asleep at my desk. (I know that being an engineer designing nuclear power plants might sound a little bit exciting, but, trust me, it’s really not – it involves a lot of staring at a computer screen doing completely non-technical things.) Anyway, to keep my awake I hit the vending machine. First, it was a bag of skittles for 250 calories. Then I went back for a think of creme filled cookies for 210 calories. Then I went back for a thing of mini choc chip cookies for 280 calories – but wait, I opened that bag, had one of the tiny cookies, and finally stopped myself. This was ridiculous. I couldn’t let Mr. Tiredness win. Being exhausted is no excuse for consuming thousands of empty calories.

Anyway stats for today. Obviously the vending machine fiasco didn’t help things:


  1. #1 by Mom on July 22, 2009 - 9:37 pm

    Glad to see you back on track for losing. I was wondering when you would get back to blogging.

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