Do I have a tapeworm!?

As promised, here’s the daily post:

Today went fairly well overall. I’m not going to start journaling all my foods (and strictly counting calories) until next Monday, but I am really working on avoiding the sweets and snacks. And I still do some mental tallies. I probably had around a 500 calorie deficit today – nothing stellar, but certainly not as deplorable as it has been lately. I had an unbelievably hard time avoid the vending machine snacks. Wow, it was rough. I don’t even really like the junk they have in the vending machine (they don’t have that much good chocolate stuff), but I was so hungry. I mean I was truly feeling hungry. But I ate good meals. I really think it’s my mind that’s causing my body to feel hungry. I couldn’t possibly actually be hungry. But, I tell you, when  your stomach is growling and you have a hunger headache, it’s so difficult to resist the food temptations. But I really think I’ve been doing so poorly lately and eating so often that my body just needs to get used to not eating all the time.

I feel like I must confess that, although I did avoid the vending machine, part of it was fate – not my own willpower. In a moment of weakness I counted out my change and head for the vending machine to snag some Snackwell’s cookies (item #144 – isn’t it terrible that I know that?), but the guy was there restocking the machines. I took it as a sign, was very relieved that an obstacle was there to save me from my moment of weakness, and didn’t return.

Also exercised for half an hour today on the elliptical. Not as long as I usually did when I was losing a lot of weight, but it was something, and tomorrow I’m hoping for more.

Plan for tomorrow is to slice up a bunch of apples (soaked in diet sierra mist) and take them with me to work, so I can snack on something healthy. I will also leave my money in the car, so I can’t go to the vending machine.

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