Well, nothing stellar

Well, the day could have been worse, but it was certainly nothing stellar! It started out somewhat rough. My hot water heater went out in my apt yesterday so the water in the shower would be extremely cold. So I went to a friend’s house to take a shower in the morning. Only that didn’t go so well because I realized I didn’t have the key to their house when I had arrived and they were still sleeping so I couldn’t wake them up by knocking. And I had left my phone at home. So I had to go back to my place for my phone, call them to unlock the door, and then go back to their place. Anyway, once at work I snacked on, well, I hate to say it, but FIVE 100 calorie chocolate things. Seriously. Five. They were at my desk and I ate them. I could chalk it up to “mindless munching” but it wasn’t mindless. It was fully mindful. I argued with myself about each 100 calorie chocolate bar that I ate, each time rationalizing by saying “just one more.” All told, by the time 9:30 am rolled around, I had already eaten 1000 calories! Yikes, that’s hard to recover from that early in the day. I did do okay the rest of the day – got a salad for lunch with just some grilled chicken and a few wonton strips. Had a healthy dinner – new recipe that I prepared in the crockpot. Turned out really well. I’ll share it with you all tomorrow. Had sugar free fat free ice cream – just one serving. Didn’t work out. I got busy with a lot of household tasks and time just got away from me. I also didn’t log my foods today, because it’s almost time for bed, so I can start the day more fresh and energetic tomorrow. But they were close to what I need to maintain. So, all told, I didn’t gain any weight today but I didn’t lose any either.

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