A decent day

I feel like today went fairly well. Slept in more than I thought I would this morning, but I think my body must have needed it. Then worked out for an hour and twenty minutes – burned 803 calories! Yeah! It didn’t feel too bad – it really helped that there was a TV show on while I was working out that I really got into. That really helped keep me going.

Ate light most of the day, then had 1600 calories for dinner! But that’s okay, it was planned. I cooked dinner for 8 people for my fiancee’s birthday – his favorite, chicken paremesan. Definitely not low calorie. I also got a dairy queen ice cream cake, which I knew I wouldn’t pass up. I recorded in my food journal as soon as I got up – 790 calories, but one serving was actually very large. (I know it was accurate because I weighed it.) I considered eating something different from everybody else to save calories on the meal. However, after I worked so hard on it, I wanted to eat it, and didn’t want to have to fool with cooking something additional for myself and I feel awkward about it. It’s a little bit challenging to cook for several people because my kitchen is small with very little counter space.

Anyway, here’s how I ended the day:


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