2010 Goals and Plans!

As promised, here’s my 2010 goals and plans. I said in an earlier post that as far as weight loss goes, I feel like I’ve tried every reasonable (and some not so reasonable) approaches, and none have yielded permanent results. Well, that’s still true. So I have no new approach. I’m going to try to use the best of old approaches and I’m also willing to try new things. The best I can do is keep trying.

Rather than setting goals for the year, which tend to be vague and easy to procrastinate, I’m going to set goals and review them each month instead of a whole a year. I may even check in weekly to keep me on track, but I’m not promising that! I hope that this will keep me more accountable. Plus I can make the goals a little more concrete and well suited to what is coming up that month. I’m also going to limit goals in each category to three.

Weight Loss and Health

  • Absolutely no snacking at work unless I am truly hungry. This is a huge problem for me as I snack because I’m very tired or bored. That causes me to consume a lot of calories that I don’t even really get to enjoy. If I’m going to splurge it should be on something that I really do enjoy.
  • Blog at least 6 days per week – this tool has been the single biggest positive thing for my weight loss that I have ever done. Just having an outlet for my feelings and a place to celebrate my successes and a way to stay accountable really helps me.
  • Work out even if my eating is poor – a minimum of 3 days/week for at least 30 minutes.


  • Keep spending in the grocery category under $300 and in the eating out category under $80.
  • Spend no more than 1 hour on Sunday morning and 30 on one other day “couponing” and researching deals.
  • Get my coupon organizing system started.

Personal Growth/Household Organization

  • Keep in touch better with friends/family that live far away by phone or sending e-mails/letters. (I have more specifics here, but I just didn’t want to post on my blog.)
  • Plan a menu each week – dinners at a minimum.


  • Spend no more than 30 minutes on busy weeknights blogging/reading other blogs – it’s too easy to let this get out of hand. There’s so much to read out there, that an hour or two can go by before I even know it.
  • See #1 under weight goals – blog six days/week.
  • Leave comments on other people’s blogs to let them know that you’re reading and are appreciative of what they have to say.
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