I can never think of good titles.

Sometimes it’s just so hard to come with a good title. Anyway, as promised (not that I have any readers to actually hold me accountable – oh wait, according to my stats looks like there were 3 page views today. I’m not sure if that’s three separate people or one person viewing 3 different pages) I’m checking in with the report of my day.

Started out well. Ate healthy. Ate apples, which always make me just feel so healthy! I love that healthy, in control feeling! I hadn’t had apples in so long. I really missed them. I also worked out on my lunch break, which was wonderful. I love getting the workout done that early in the day. And I had such a busy, productive, energetic day. Felt wonderful. But then came my downfall. I love to bake. I hadn’t baked anything in over a week and I was really feeling the urge, plus I had all these free oatmeal from the Giant Eagle deal this week. So I made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. And I will just be really honest with you. I snacked on a few chocolate chips, and then, of course, a few bites of dough, and then I ended up eating three entire cookies. Yes. Three. Entire. Cookies. I just kept breaking off one little piece at a time and before I knew it, three were gone! I didn’t beat myself up about it, and I’m just moving on.

And some more good news on the workout front – I might have a new workout buddy!

  1. #1 by Lola on January 20, 2010 - 1:36 pm

    Wasn’t sure if you were blogging again….And I’m glad I checked.

    YOU HAVE ONE PERSON READING FOR SURE. So YAY for you, I’m glad you are doing well. But stay away from the cookies. :o)

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