Lost Another Battle to the Evil Mr. All-or-Nothing

Gotta love my original title! There’s not too much to report today. No workout 😦 Haven’t gotten my thank you notes for gifts at my wedding nearly two months ago, so I wanted to get that done. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen either! Also, I must confess I had a little run-in with cookies today. Ooops! The ridiculous all-or-nothing mentality is getting in my way again. I think, “Well, I know I will be traveling this weekend, so I’ll have no change to exercise and I won’t be in direct control of my food options, so I may as well go ahead and eat a cookie.” How ridiculous is that? When, I put in writing, it’s sounds utterly and completely ludicrous, but at the time, in my head, with a cookie in front of me, it makes some strange sense.

Well, Mr. All-or-Nothing, you may have one this little battle but YOU ARE NOT going to win the war!!! Take that!

That, said, I will be traveling, so I won’t be posting again until Sunday. And my goal for the weekend is not to let Mr. All-or-Nothing when any more battles. If I don’t want the food or need the food, then I WILL NOT eat just because I’m not able to perfectly on plan.


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