Starting to get a little sloppy!

Alright, so I’m really getting sloppy with my munching habits and food journaling. I did very well at all day through work. Got home. I didn’t plan to exercise today, as I needed some time to get a few basic things done. (I’ll still be exercising 5 times this week – tomorrow will be #5.) Well, I really wasn’t in the mood for dinner, so instead I just munched here and there on little bits that are hard to keep track of. First I ate the teeny tiniest little brownie in the container. Then I broke off a piece of another brownie. And I ate a little piece bread. Then I broke off half of another piece. And I grabbed a few chocolate chips. Then a marshmallow. (and maybe eventually another – I really can’t remember.) And then a Hershey Kiss and another. I cooked some Pillsbury Grands biscuits and ate one. Then I took my favorite layer, the very top one, off of another biscuit. Wow, when I write it all out, it really does seem like a lot. Of course, I kinda justified each bite by thinking, “Oh I really don’t need to track this, I counted 2 brownies, but I probably only ate 1.5.” Ridiculous, I know! So tomorrow, I need to clean up my act. Stop all the munching. If I’m hungry, I should choose something healthy and eat it – an entire serving – not just a bite or two here or there. If I’m not hungry I shouldn’t eat, and I should forget about food and do something else.

Here’s today’s stats:

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