Weekend Wrap-Up

I have time for a quick weekend wrap-up post, so here’s a quick bullet-style update:

  • Lots of exercise yesterday (Saturday). Went to the Y and did the elliptical in the morning. Then snow skied for a few hours in the evening – my muscles are sore from the skiing.
  • Net calories yesterday were 1100, right on track.
  • Was proud of myself for taking my own healthy food to friend’s house for lunch yesterday instead of eating the super-calorie laden extra cheesy lasagna. Also bypassed desert.
  • Took the time to make my salad and take it with me skiing to eat while everyone else had sandwiches on high-calorie but delicious homemade bread.
  • Today’s eats were not so good. Started out well and with the best of intentions. Made cinnamon rolls for brunch where some folks were coming over. Didn’t eat them for brunch. However, later in the day, I lost all self control, gave in, and ate one. Or two. It’s funny how you can be so, so good for the vast majority of the time, but can undo all your hard work in just a few minutes. I hate that! But I’m moving on.
  • After the cinnamon roll fiasco I didn’t even track calories. I felt like it would be a wild guess.

That’s all for now.

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