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Giant Eagle This Week!!!

Woohoo! Had an awesome money saving week! Giant Eagle has some awesome deals!

Since this blog is primarily about my weight loss efforts, you may be wondering, why the money saving post? What does that have to do with losing weight? It actually has a lot to do with it. I really believe that all my personal goals are interrelated. Plus, to really be successful and have my life in balance, I need to do well in more than just one area. Here’s how I think my financial goals are related to my weight loss goals:

  • First, achieving goals in any area give me confidence in all areas. It’s really helpful to have that extra boost of confidence in an area that you do fairly well at to help you with the areas that you struggle most with. And our current goal is to pay off my student loan, and we’re getting awfully close!
  • Second, I have struggled with balance by focusing so intensely on one area (and I do think intense focus is good) to the neglect of other areas. I think it’s fine and good to focus and prioritize my weight loss a little more than paying off my debt, but I still need to be able to keep all areas under control.
  • Third, hey, some of this food is pretty healthy, like the Dannon yogurts.And the lunchanbles are 220 calories (or 4 pts) each. Not bad.
  • Now, for the pizzas. This is mine and my husband’s personal approach. He eats the pizza, which are super cheap, freeing up some money for me to eat higher priced fresh produce and things like that. Luckily pizza isn’t a trigger food for me, so I’m fine cooking it for him, and then eating a grilled chicken salad for me. (He has absolutely no weight struggles – couldn’t gain an ounce if he tried.) And he’s never jealous of my salad when he’s eating pizza!! One thing I do need to work on is actually using that extra money for healthy items, instead of saving it to put on the debt.

All this plus a lunchable not pictured that I already ate for $3.87!!!!! ($7.87 out of pocket, plus a $4 catalina to be used on anything in the store)

That’s 20 Dannon yogurts, 7 lunchables, 4 – 4 packs of Fiber One yogurt, 4 packets of Taco Seasoning, and rice cakes.

Then it get’s even better! 18 Tombstone pizzas for 25 cents each! So 18 pizzas for $4.50. (Net of $4.50, there are catalinas involved.) Here they are in the freezer (minus two that we already ate!):



Quick Update

Just have time for a quick update. Today was better than yesterday – not quite so many calories. Although I STILL have the munchies. They’re incurable! I wish they would go away!!!
Also, I worked out for an hour, wish was good. However, I felt like I just couldn’t really get into it as much as I wanted to. My heart rate stayed fairly low. Tomorrow’s workout should be better because I’m going to a step class. Hard to slack off there.


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At least tomorrow is a new day.

Well, as usual there is good news and bad news and some ok news.

Okay News: We’ll start with this morning’s weigh-in. I officially lost: Nothing. Exactly the same as last Monday morning. And I will take it, because I didn’t do so great eating wise, and it seemed to get only worse throughout the week. I did work six days, though. That’s something.

Bad news: Huge run-in with cookies and lots of other snacks at work today – mostly because I was a little tired, bored, and had a bad case of the Monday morning blues. By 10:30am, I had already consumed nearly 1000 calories. By 1pm, around 1400 calories. By 5pm, over 2000 calories! Yikes!

Good News: Got in an excellent workout – boot camp at the Y. It was some serious calorie blasting! Came home, ate a healthy dinner with some actual protein. The rest of the day had been nearly pure carbs and a bit of fat. Feel better now.

And some more okay news: Ended the day consuming 2600 calories, and burning 560 through exercise, so I came out about even calorie wise. Tomorrow I am prepared for a stellar eating and exercise day, and a huge calorie deficit! I want to get this scale moving again!

The stats:

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Rough week calorie wise

Well, just have time for a quick update. This week was actually rather atrocious calorie wise. I have an incurable case of the munchies. And for some reason the constant winter weather is only making the problem worse. Monday was the only really good day in which I had a huge calorie deficit. That was good. Lost it on Tuesday, and I’m not sure exactly, but I think I probably had a bit of an overage (in spite of burning calories working out). Wed, Thurs were probably about even. And today, another slight overage. Goodness!! I cannot lose weight by eating the exact same number of calories I burn. Won’t happen. If you want some good news, I have worked out every day this week! At least I have established that good habit. And won a couple battles against Mr. All-or-Nothing. Also, I must be honest here and admit I failed pretty miserably with my plan to curtail the immediately after walking in the door from work eating. I 100% honestly just plain forgot that I was planning not to do that. I mean, really, how do I forget!!? It is really eye-opening to see how much of a mindless habit it is. So next week I’m refocusing on overcoming that habit, and I have a plan to help myself remember.

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I’m on autopilot!

We’ll start with the bad news:

After writing about my major snacking problem last Wednesday, I did a lot of thinking. I want to really make a solid improvement in this area, so I came up with a plan. I’m going to focus on just one facet of my snacking problem for a period of 3-4 weeks or longer until I feel like I mostly have that down, and then I’ll focus on another facet (while still maintaining the good habit I developed from the first one and so on). Also, I’d like to start a paper journal where I write down just my unplanned snacks, when they where, and why I did that. That way I can get a better idea of what the real problem is.

So, I’ve started with tackling the as soon as I walk in the door of my home snacking. This, I knew, was a habit. It can happen anytime I arrive home, but is the worst as soon as I get home from work. I’ve been working all day, gone for many hours, and feel like I just need to relax. So the very first thing I do when I walk in the door is go straight to the kitchen (which is two feet from the door) and start munching on something. Then something else. I never sit down and eat – just grab something while standing. Calories eaten while standing don’t count, right? WRONG! It’s not uncommon for me to consume two, three, four, even five hundred calories on occasion.

I really didn’t not realize how much of a subconscious habit this was until today. First of all, when I came home I was very focused on other things rather than my plan not to snack. I had some work frustrations, and my husband had some work frustrations as well that he started telling me about as soon as I walked in the door. You might think this caused me to just forget about eating. Wrong! I completely without thinking grabbed a few crackers (like three Wheat Thins), a few chips (as in four), and a few chocolate chips. Then a little shaving of cake. Completely without thinking. Then I realized, “Oh, I’m not supposed to do this.” I just didn’t realize how automatic it was for me. So it’s good that I’m working on it and I’ll need to focus even more to overcome it.

The good news, however, is that following all this (not-so-great day, was extremely tired all day, ate way too much, feeling discouraged) I didn’t even think twice about heading to the Y to workout. I just did it. If it had been six weeks ago, I would have had this huge battle with myself about whether or not I should go, and would likely end up talking myself out of it. So, you see, good habits can be on autopilot, too. We just need to set our autopilot in the right direction! (Easier said than done.)

By the way, had a great workout – step class, which is my favorite. No stats for today – didn’t log cause I really don’t know how much I ate. I would guess 2500 calories, burned 500 working out, so came out about even. Tomorrow I’m super committed to logging all my foods and actually having a good eating day.


I’m sick of winter

I am getting very sick of this cold, snow falling all the time winter. However, that’s not a reason to bake sweets and eat too many of them. Wish I had remembered that earlier today. I did start my morning off with a workout at 6am. I love, love, love getting the workout done first thing and getting it checked off the list. However, rarely do I actually enjoy my workout or workout very hard if I do it within a few minutes of getting up. So I worked out for only 40 minutes, and my heart rate stayed fairly low compared to normal sessions. Had a great, healthy breakfast. Then randomly decided to bake a red velvet cake at lunchtime. And, of course, I have absolutely NO idea how much of it I ate. I crumbled it all up to freeze and make a trifle out of later, but was snacking on it as I went along. I really, honestly am not sure if I ate the equivalent of two servings or six. I hate that feeling. I get so mad at myself. I made meatballs (healthy – made of ground turkey) for dinner. I was trying to calculate nutrition info on them but finally gave up because it got so complicated (even for me, who loves math). I made a huge crockpot full with sauce and cheese it in, so there wasn’t really a good method to weigh the entire thing. So know the weight of one serving would do me no good. It really wasn’t practical. So, bottom line, I didn’t log my foods today – not the end of the world – really I think I did fine eating wise except for the stupid cake. Well, tomorrow is another day, and I’m looking forward to it (except for the snow and cleaning my car of a bunch more times).


Weigh-in Results and Lots of Updates

I didn’t realize it has been almost a week since I last updated, which was because I was out of town. I have so many updates that I’ll go bullet style:

  • First off, a report on my weekend eating and exercise. I left immediately after work on Thursday to visit a friend for the weekend. Therefore, I knew I wouldn’t be able to exercise and we had some exciting, yet not so low calorie food plans – including the Cheesecake Factory – doesn’t even belong in the same sentence with “healthy.” Therefore my plan for the week was to maintain my weight, and basically have a maintenance level of calories for the week. That meant I would have calories deficits during the week and some excess on the week. My plan went pretty well, except for Thursday – for some reason I kinda gave in to Mr. All-or-Nothing and started snacking at work throughout the afternoon, and didn’t make drastic improvements for dinner either – got a huge 360 calorie cookie at Quizno’s. Oops. That wasn’t necessary because it wasn’t planned and I knew I would have a few treats over the weekend. That said, I did well the rest of the weekend with keeping things in check and not eating something just because I was on “maintenance mode” for the week.
  • I had their special Red Velvet Cheesecake at the The Cheesecake Factory. I had been craving it for weeks. MMMMmm! Good! Don’t regret it one little bit. Split lunch size entree with my friend, wisely. Their portions are huge.
  • I’m right back on track in super weight loss mode today, which was the major key to not allowing the extra treats this weekend ruin my weight loss efforts!!! About a  year ago, I went on a weekend trip to visit another friend, and I had been so, so well up to that point. That friend loves chocolate almost as much as I do, so the weekend involved a ton of excess calories (none of which I regret) – but where I went wrong is that I let that one weekend derail me for weeks. I didn’t get right back on track on Monday. This time I didn’t make that same mistake. Maybe I am learning something.
  • Remember the FitBloggin’ Conference I talked about wanting to go to? Well, I really did want to go, but something else has come up that same weekend. I was actually a little sad to find out I wouldn’t be able to go. Maybe next year, although I doubt it will be driving distance 😦
  • And my weigh-in results for this week: Down 1.4 pounds!!!! Thrilled considering I just wanted to maintain. Brings overall weight loss for the past three weeks to 6.4 pounds. I’ll take that too!
  • I had great stats for today:
  • I have a new plan for tackling my snacking problem that I talked about in my last post. I’ll share tomorrow. Also, hope to get caught on blog reading and commenting tomorrow. I hate to see how many unread items are in my Google Reader.