I may have looked like a fool…

…but at least I blasted away the calories!!! Tried a new class at the Y tonight: Interval Step. It was intense, and I couldn’t keep up both coordination wise and endurance wise, but I got a great workout and burned a ton of calories! Worked out for 45 mins and burned 500 calories, so the burn rate was higher than a lot of other things I do. The class had three cardio step segments with weight segments after. I about died in the arm segment. I don’t lift weights in any form at all ever. I wisely selected the lightest weights they had: 3 lbs. Well, by the time we were done with the arm segment I thought my arms were about to fall off (and I couldn’t quite manage to even do every single rep) and I was CONVINCED that they were really 30 lb weights and the “0”  had just rubbed off! But overall I enjoyed the class, and will definitely do it again. Loved the workout that I got from it.

Not a ton of other news today, I think I talked about it all yesterday. Eating went fine, although I did the same stupid thing I’ve been doing for the last couple weeks. I snacked straight from the Wheat Thins. Then at the end of the day I really have no idea how many servings I’ve eaten. And I headed straight for the kitchen as soon as I got home from work, and grabbed 2 little cookies (170 calories total) before I could even stop myself. The cookies are getting out of the house and going into the husband’s car first thing in the morning. At least we know that won’t happen again.

Here’s today’s stats:

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