Crazy Vending Machine Antics

I tell you, sometimes I think I must be crazy. First off, I was super tired today and had a rather boring day at work sitting at my desk staring at the same stuff on the computer screen all day. Never a good mix. Always ends poorly. So by 9 am I had eaten my breakfast and both little things of pudding I had brought for the day. Went out to lunch with some friends and was very good at Chick-fil-A by ordering a Grilled chicken salad – 300 calories! Good decision. The tiredness really started to set in during the afternoon and time was just dragging on by. It felt like 4pm would never arrive. So I grab some money and start to head for the vending machine. Well, I absolutely hate anyone actually seeing me go to the vending machine – especially if I’m getting something particularly unhealthy like a candy bar. It’s like I’m revealing my bad habits to whoever sees me. As if they otherwise would have thought that I got fat by eating celery and lettuce instead of chocolate and chips. Really – who am I kidding!? But I still have this enormous fear of a coworker seeing me. It’s like I feel like I’m doing something illegal. Anyway, when I started to head to the vending machine there was a big group congregated outside and they stood there talking for like 30 minutes! Finally, they left and I went to the vending machine. I did not want to eat a bagillion calories so I wisely selected a pack of chewing gum. The entire pack (6 pieces, but really 12 b/c I break them in half) was gone within about 30 minutes. I chewed one piece right after the other in my frantic effort to stave away the munchies. When I was still madly craving chocolate and about to fall asleep at my desk, I though of an excuse to get up and walk somewhere about every five minutes. After a half hour of that, I still couldn’t take it – “needed” chocolate – went back to the vending machine for a 220 calorie Kit-Kat bar. Ate it. It didn’t really wake me up and it didn’t make the afternoon go by much faster. When I really need a little nap, that’s what I really need – not little walks or food. But I really can’t nap at work. Something tells me they wouldn’t like that. And, would you believe this? It took every fiber in my being to avoid going back to that stupid machine for another candy bar! But I didn’t. Next time maybe I’ll try super glue on the chair.

Oh, and the little tiny cookies I have hear at home called my name a few times today – I forgot to put them in the husband’s car yetserday. Not good. However, I ate fewer than I would have if I hadn’t been really trying. It was that walk in the door, go straight to the kitchen thing.

I did get in a 55 minute, 500 calorie elliptical workout. That was good, but I feel like I need to workout harder. I just feel so much better when I work out to the point of feeling like I’m gonna die (exaggeration of course) for some reason. My heart rate got up to about 175, but often if I jog or do other types of workouts, it’ll get up to around 200 – that’s when I feel like I’ve really worked!

Okay, despite all the fiascos today, I really did track every single little calorie, and the overall result really isn’t too bad. I also was tempted to skip dinner to compensate for the extra cookies, but thought better of it. Here’s the stats for today:

  1. #1 by biz319 on February 4, 2010 - 11:21 pm

    Yep, when you are tired you tend to make bad choices – same thing happens to me!

    Hang in there – it was one candy bar, tomorrow is another day! 😀

  2. #2 by Prince Remlin on November 26, 2012 - 10:48 am

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