At least tomorrow is a new day.

Well, as usual there is good news and bad news and some ok news.

Okay News: We’ll start with this morning’s weigh-in. I officially lost: Nothing. Exactly the same as last Monday morning. And I will take it, because I didn’t do so great eating wise, and it seemed to get only worse throughout the week. I did work six days, though. That’s something.

Bad news: Huge run-in with cookies and lots of other snacks at work today – mostly because I was a little tired, bored, and had a bad case of the Monday morning blues. By 10:30am, I had already consumed nearly 1000 calories. By 1pm, around 1400 calories. By 5pm, over 2000 calories! Yikes!

Good News: Got in an excellent workout – boot camp at the Y. It was some serious calorie blasting! Came home, ate a healthy dinner with some actual protein. The rest of the day had been nearly pure carbs and a bit of fat. Feel better now.

And some more okay news: Ended the day consuming 2600 calories, and burning 560 through exercise, so I came out about even calorie wise. Tomorrow I am prepared for a stellar eating and exercise day, and a huge calorie deficit! I want to get this scale moving again!

The stats:

  1. #1 by Rebeca @All Vegged Out on February 22, 2010 - 11:16 pm

    It’s always like that isn’t it- a mix of ok, good and bad… I think your good should be GREAT news though 🙂

    Next week, it’ll be great on the scale!

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